Brady throwing to Terrell Owens at USC

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    Re: Brady throwing to Terrell Owens at USC

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    Id rather have moss back

    Agreed. Give him another chance.

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    Re: Brady throwing to Terrell Owens at USC

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    All of the talent scouts here on BDC wouldn't know a class receiver if he jumped up and bit them! By the way for the uninformed TO ran a 4.43 40 at the Seahawks Training camp just last year!!! Some people are just naturally blessed with superior skills and he just happens to one of those guys. It wouldn't shock me to see BB bring him in to see what he can offer,one things for sure he would still be deadly in the Redzone....He signs a non guarenteed contract for the vet minimum and if he can beat the youngsters which in his case would be all of the WR's then let him play. I'm not a hater.



    a 4.43 40, no way... How did 32 teams miss this and not pick up the guy since 2010? You'd think teams would have jumped at the chance to have a guy like you described the last 2 years. I guess the talent scouts on 32 teams (40 if you count the CFL) missed it. But, there was one smart arena team that keyed in on it. He must have been a huge star for them that they'd never let him go.........

    I apologize for sounding like a ***** but needed and outlet for sarcasm today and couldn't resist  Tongue Out



    They didn't miss what he was timed at the Seahawks complex twice and both times he ran in the 4.4 40 range,once at the previously mentioned 4.43 and the other was a 4.47 he is still almost 3 one hundreths faster than MMJ. You can be as facetious as you like I'm just pointing out the facts,TO could probably win a job with the Patriots as a #3 or maybe even a number #2 WR for this team! Will he get the opportunity probably not because he still thinks he's the best there is and ever will be.