Found this article on Yahoo.  Its a quick read but throws some stats out there.  Good bar room talk when you don't live in Boston and have to argue constantly that Brady is the best QB of all-time!  lol

Key points:

Manning and Brady are combined four Super Bowl rings and six MVPs

Brady is 16-6 in the postseason with a staggering .774 regular-season winning percentage (tops all-time among quarterbacks).

Manning is 9-10 in the playoffs and has won just about two-thirds of the games he has started.

Brady has led the Patriots to five Super Bowls while Manning took the Colts to two.

Brady is a more efficient passer, and has arguably worked with less weapons on offense.

Whereas Manning had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, Brady's best receivers over the course of his career have been Troy Brown and Wes Welker.

Harrison and Wayne combined for 13 Pro Bowls, Brown and Welker combined for five.