Brady's Health....

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    Brady's Health....

    This is sort of unspoken here in these last two games. The focus on the OL has been about protection for the sake of winning.

    But I would like to raise another point here.

    Brady is hurt. He left the game and had his finger taped. This inury appears to go back to last week when they 'pulled' him out of the NO game. And apparently it was aggravated against the Fins.

    He is taking violent shots. Although he is getting the ball off, he doesn't have time, and is paying for 'hanging in there' to get the completion. And this is a factor in the winning contests as well. He carved the Jets up. But he still was hit hard all day long.

    I would say the number one reason to improve this O-line quickly is to keep this guy healthy.

    No player can take the kind of punishment he is taking for long. It is one thing to be a RB and take hits you are essentially braced for. It is another to absorb brute impace when you are trying to throw passes.
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    Re: Brady's Health....

    I think we are going to see a serious revamp of this team this off season.  Guys that are playing for contracts are just not performing.  Manning seldom gets touched.  It should be the same with Brady.  The OL hasn't been able to produce holes for the RBs or protect Tom.  Kaczur is going to get Tom killed.