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Brady's numbers...

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    Brady's numbers...

    See what happens when Tom faces one of the teams Manning has been facing?  No wonder Peyton is having a great season.

    Indy has faced the 3 worst pass-defenses in the league so far, in terms of YPG (Jac, Tenn, Ariz).  Opponents QB rating?  These teams are 27, 29 & 30th.  

    Pats on the other hand have faced all top-10 pass defenses, in terms of QB Rating: Den-3rd, NYJ-5th, Atl-7th, Buff-8th, Balt-10th...until today of course.

    Oh yeah, Tampa Bay: 2nd-to-worst QB Rating in the league.

    Let Brady play Tenn, Jac & Hous twice a year!
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    Re: Brady's numbers...

    The best numbers are the fact that Brady's career day came in the snow, wind and cold. The 2nd quarter Brady threw 5 TD passes, AGAINST THE WIND.

    Can Brees or Manning put up those numbers in bad weather?(no)
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    Re: Brady's numbers...

    The good news is next weeks game should be another Offensive tune up game.

    Another Brady to Moss "Shock and Awe" display for our friends across the pond.