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Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    You have to try to use a run game.  When you don't or activate Ridley in a SB (now 3rd in the NFL in rushing, mostly without pick up truck rancher Mankie), there isn't anything poor about that.

    It just wasn't used via Brady's desires of what HE felt was best.

    Do you really thing Brady has so much control that he tell BB who to activate?  Are you this wraped up in your delusions?

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    In response to TrueChamp's comment:

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    Who is Bill? Prolate will never answer you, though. He loves losing SBs by passing excessivley with a lead.

    True Champ, I appreciate your input, and quite frankly I have no idea why you act like we don't see this the same, but if Brady is saying he prefers the shotgun and then we see it a lot in the losses or eeked out wins, why are you acting like you don't agree with me when you do?

    I would love nothing more than Brady to hit 35 passes and under in the playoffs this year to a SB win and lean on some semblance of a run game alongside that.

    Ridley is 3rd in the league in rushing and a combo of he and BJGE last year, especially in the SB, would have secured another Lombardi here, if Brady would just trust in it more and concede that he's MUCH better under Center. But, Brady chose to go with Woodhead and the shotgun spread. Again, his choice. Not sure why you activate Ridley in the SB and then never use him to throw more, but that's just me. NE led the entire game for the most part.

    It could not be any more obvious.

    This Dallas/Atlanta game is a good example. Two good Ds, where the run game is actually vital in the second half.  It's going to come down to which QB doesn't throw that INT.



    Rusty, you're saying Brady wanted to be in the SG so we were or however else you say that he is the real reason our offense fails on the biggest stages means you are in essence saying that coaching accounts for nothing.

    Sure Brady might want to throw or feels more comfortable throwing, or even rightly feels like him throwing gives us the best chance to win. What QB wouldn't feel that way, or shouldn't feel that way? Yet that is why having an O.C that commands respect and knows how to call "timely" plays( a characteristic that Obrien absolutely did not possess) is so important in this league.

    Brady is at 18 td and only 3 int's right now because we have committed to a run game. I know it, you know it and deep down these guys we argue with know it too. Every QB needs to be coached. Look at the Saints without Sean Payton. Brady can never be viewed as the problem. This guy whether he wins another SB or not is going down as a top 3 QB in NFL history. He is still playing at as high of a level as he ever has.

    All this team has do is help him. An O.C to restore balance, and a defense that continues to force turn overs while they gain consistency and learn to gel. This is as good a shot as we have had in the last 8 years imo. This team is loaded. We gotta do it. The time is now!

    This is how I feel. I love the current balance and run game.  I think past problems came more from lack of talent/coaching, then blaming one player.   I really don't understand how he can think BB is a great coach and at the same time basically think he is so weak that Brady runs his team.


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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    In response to TrueChamp's comment:

    In response to agcsbill's comment:

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment:

    In response to TrueChamp's comment:

    Well I agree with Pro, Brady = problem is just plain dumb.



    The other thing you need to take into consideration is just how badly our O line was beat in both 2007 and 2011 by the Giants' front seven.  There's a tendency to ignore that, but teams have learned to put Brady under more pressure over the years more effectively.  That's a huge part of why, against certain teams, the Pats offense has floundered.

    .... any mistake hurts.


    Apply more pressure to ANY NFL QB and they have a tendancy to make more mistakes or just aren't as effective as one would expect.  Why is it that so many seem to think this only happens to Brady?  We hear it time and time again from the talking heads about the way to beat Brady is put pressure on him.  Duh!!  Insert any QB's name in that line.   All in all if it weren't for late game collapses by the Pats D, we'd see FIVE Lombardis in the trophy case, possibly six if one includes the 2006 AFCCG collapse.

    Response to...

    Pro and Bill....Ask yourself WHY other teams have suddenly learned how to put more pressure on Brady? He has been pressured into more mistakes because teams have know our offensive tendencies for the last few years.

    The O-line has consistently been the strongest unit on our team for the last 10 years or so. They played as well as they could against the #1 pass rush in both SB's. We called 89 pass att's in 2 games against these stout defensive lines. Again, the o line did what they could limiting a team that had the horses and knew the game plan.

    To blame a defense for the end results of 2 SB losses in which they gave up 17 and 19 pts is just plain silly. It's 2012 guys, the rules have changed, offense is NFL football. The Patriots had the best offense.

    Get more 1st downs, keep your defense off the field by utilizing more then 1 half of the offense and score more then 14 and 17 points..... then we wouldn't have had to worry about giving up the little bit of a lead we managed to acquire.

    Yeah teams know our offense. There's lots of film out there and lots of defensive coordinators and head coaches have spent years trying to come up with schemes that work against Brady and the offense we run.  That said, the solution to teams coming up with exotic pass rush and coverage schemes isn't to abandon your strength and rely instead on a mediocre running game (if you have good backs maybe that's okay, but not if you have the benny and woody show in the backfield). Our opponents would have loved it if we had done that. We would have declined from a top offense to something resembling the Kansas city chief or Cleveland Browns.  It would have been like raising a white flag. We give up, Rex.

    As far as the o line goes, it's been good, but not as great as some think. It is helped immensely by Brady's quick release and strong decision making.Guys like Kaczur were no more than mediocre. And in the super bowls injuries and to some extent age were huge factors. The o line play was not good in either of those giant super bowls. Even Benny's and Lawrence's production suffered because of it.

    And the last minute giant TD drives are on the D.

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    Hilarious read!

    I'm not a Pats fan, but do respect them as they have owned my team (for the most part) since this era started.  I have been vocal that once they went from a defensive/run team to a passing team, they are more suspectable to being stopped than previously. 

    Now, I am not in the camp of saying it's Brady's fault, I think the same case is usually (*note - usually*) the case come playoff time.  They were at their best when he was a game manager, and not built around him.

    I called him overrated for the first several years of his career, but I have taken that opinion back over time.  But, the facts remain after that stupid Spygate crap, BB went into we will crush anyone mode, and they haven't preformed on the biggest stage since.

    You guys keep at it, this is funny.

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    Oh, I so don't want to wade into this.  I'd rather just eat my popcorn and take:

    BB fell in love with giving the entire ship to Brady, and he didn't deliver.  Nobody could.  Who's fault is that?  Well, I don't think BB is a very good GM, but a great head coach.  I read and hear so much about how the two of them are so 'in tune', so I can't see this going forward unless the BOTH agreed it's the best way to win. 

    So, are both right.  Or both wrong. 

    (edited for poor spelling)

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    No, I am not a Colts fan (but I do really like Peyton).  And, while I am a fan of a successful franchise, I do live in New England.  So, while I do think that NE fans are narrow-minded and it is difficult to get an opinion that isn't slanted to your own team, that also isn't unique.  That is the case with every home market.  Every fan base (except for maybe the Chiefs, Browns, Jags...) feel their team can do little wrong.  Crossing that line can be deadly.

    To your point about Brady going to BB and requesting the mindset change, it is interesting, but I really don't think BB just handed over the keys and said "Have it it, kiddo".  I don't see how you could seperate the two in this "mess" they created (and, there are about 30 other teams who wished they had the same mess, mind you).

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    My commentary:  From an outsider's perspective, you may get a little more treadway without the personal attacks.  I'm not sure if there is a history there or not, but generally you do better with honey than vinegar.

    Every offense will look worse come playoff much worse is the question.  Their "stats" will take a dive in the postseason since they aren't padding them against fluff teams.

    I have a good friend, die hard Pats fan who most likely agrees with you.  He blames the Bundchentification of Brady,  though....

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    Funny how it takes a non-troll fan of another team to bring reason and sense into this thread, while the Ballwashers enable the real trolls by not admitting they're wrong.

    Are you really arguing that people that disagree with you are by definition trolling?  Because I don't see another way to read that statement.

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    Re: Brady's Postseasons By Comparison (Weis vs McD and OB)

    The simple answer to this 8 page thread of why the stas hve been worse is that post season football is different than regular season .

    weis knew this and constantly mixed and evolved the ofnse along with a running game.

    newbies mcd and obie tried to force their regular season success into the play-offs and (surprise ...)  you have a good defense stacked against your tendencies.

    Weis anticipated this and had an answer for it.  The newbies didn't have enough big game experience to make the adjustments .  SB 42 was the crime of the century ... Ya think we might need a few plays to counteract a good pass rush...? Like ya can't see that coming ...?