brandon lafell wr #4!?!?

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    Re: brandon lafell wr #4!?!?

    Oh you explained how it is different with  browner...probably like how you explained that you never would have signed Hernandez or Gronk, or Moss, or dillion or Adalius, or blah blah blah.....

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    Re: brandon lafell wr #4!?!?

    And here we have example A. Spin all you want True but Pro and I were right much like TFB and I were right about Amendola last year. Whether you like to admit it or not. I know it's a win win for you since no matter what BB does is right but review your posts for the week leading up to FA and BB did exactly what you said he doesn't do. Talk about hindsight! you changed your tune quickly right after he signed Revis and Browner. 

    btw your comment:

    " You've asked for never having dead money and to go out and spend heavy on top rated free agents which we still haven't done. "

    Well isn't that what they did with Browner? And essentially what they did with Revis? hrm they spent heavy at CB and essentially if cut nether will produce much dead money since Revis's deal was really a 1yr $12mil deal anyways and Browner has pretty much no guaranteed. Thank you BB for doing exactly what I hoped you'd do. Don't mind True he's just a hater of spending money on quality FA's. True why do you hate BB so much this offseason?

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    Re: brandon lafell wr #4!?!?

    The big difference is that, if we make it to the Super Bowl this year, we won't be trying to cover our opponent's receivers with the likes of Sterling Moore, Patrick Chung, and Marquise Cole.  Champ keeps telling us that those guys did well in the 2011 Super Bowl and Eli's 75% completion rate and extended four to six minute drives weren't a problem.  Instead he thinks we lost the Super Bowl because Bill Belichick, Bill O'Brien, and Josh McDaniels can't game plan or play call nearly as well as Charlie Weis.

    Personally, I think championships are won with great talent and great coaching.  Unlike Champ, I think the coaching is great, but, for various reasons, the talent hasn't been quite up to snuff.  BB is clearly trying to correct that this year with much more aggressive moves to pick up young, healthy, and in the case of Revis, expensive talent.