Brandon Lloyd

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    Brandon Lloyd

    OK guys we clearly see the Brady 2 Lloyd connection isn't working here. Tom targets him often but the guy hardly ever catches the ball. I am disappointed in him and I think we should try getting someone else.


    Your thoughts??????????? and why do you think he and Tom can't get on the same page?

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    Re: Brandon Lloyd

    Who do you propose they get? If teams are lucky enough to have top flight WRs, they aren't giving them up, and if any free agents were better then Lloyd....they wouldn't be Free Agents.


    I was let down by his performance today, especially the first drop, no excuse for that. The rest were tough grabs for sure, but he came advertised as a guy that regularly makes the tough grabs in traffic. If he had stuck his arms out on that last one, they probably could have won the game without OT, it hit him right in the chest!