Brandon Spikes MIA

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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

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    I do find it strange spikes not being there when everyone else is. 

    Russ, your point that he is a vet doesn't make sense..if that was the case, vw, mayo,etc wouldn't be there either. 

    3 things come to mind

    1. He is possibly nursing an injury, and will be there soon

    2. He was excused for personal reasons that the pats haven't disclosed

    3. He was told to stay home because they are trading him



    I hope # 3 isn't one of the reasons.  Afterall, who would wear the pink suit to the SB this season?



     Hey TFB12, I also hear that Welker was a no show for PAT's OTAs. WTF!!!



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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

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    hMMMMM.....I believe the stat was passes thrown with Spikes in coverage were completed ~83% of the time.

    I think we can agree that Spikes is a liability in coverage. (3rd down)

    He's rock solid against the run for sure.

    History should not be ignored.

    Parcells and Belichick love gym rats, guys that go the extra mile. Heck, Steve DeOssie stuck with them because of it.

    If you want a roster spot you show up during the off season.

    Spikes won't be re-signed....and don't be shocked if he ain't on the roster come September.


    Exactly, I don't care how hard you hit if you lack dedication to the craft and versatility on the field you're probably going to be replaced, eventually.  Drafting Collins and Beauharnais should have sent a message to Spikes and it seems like he's not interested in hearing it.  I love watching this guy blow people up in the backfield but hated seeing some Mark Sanchez looking dude throwing a floater over his head and a RB take it for an easy first down.  I would love to see Spikes improve and become an every down backer but I doubt we ever will, here or elsewhere.

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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

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    We have one of the weakest LB cores in the NFL.  Hopefully Hightower, Jones and the new blood can force out the three stiffs (Mayo, Spikes and [insert name])

    Huh? One of the weakest? I actually think it is one of the strongest in the league, and will continue to get even stronger with Collins and beauhanis added to the roster and fletcher back for depth. A starting group of mayo, Hightower, spikes and Collins is pretty stacked in my mind. What don't you like about this group?

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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

    I'm not sure what you people are thinking. They will make an effort to sign him. He's an impact player when he's on the field and made some big plays last year. People are right about his inept pass coverage and has to be subbed out on those downs. He's had no visible problems like Moss, and a couple other free agent players who got into the media. 

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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA


    CSN New England expects the Patriots and MLB Brandon Spikes to "part ways" after 2013.


    Spikes is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and he hasn't participated in the conditioning phase or OTAs. Spikes is a stud against the run, but needs to cut down on penalties. If Spikes does reach 2014 free agency, he'll be a hot item as a ferocious downhill run plugger at age 26.


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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA


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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

    1. I hope Spikes impresses the coaches in preseason and comes up big including reasonable improvement v the pass.

    2. I hope his play warrants and earns a new contract

    3. I am not holding my breath.... I just dont know

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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

    "That was my least favorite play, because running to the outside, my whole right side was exposed," Williams told The Arizona Republic on Thursday. "As soon as I saw (linebacker Brandon) Spikes coming to hit me, I curled up and forgot about the ball. It was something where I was trying to protect my leg instead of trying to protect the football."

    i bagged on Spikes a bit and he's definitely limited in coverage but reading stuff like this makes me glad he's a Patriot.  I hope he doesn't want too much money and we can keep him around because he is very good at the things he does well, like scaring the dung out of RBs.


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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

    His last tweet was "TRANSFORMATION" and he tweeted this february 28. He used to tweet alot but hes gone now, hopefully he transforms like bumblebee and comes back at a even higher level. It seems as if he is not being side tracked by anything, maybe thats why he isnt tweeting as much as he did. If he comes back even beastier(not even a word) then you should stop bashing on him for not being there for mandatory team activities, but if he comes back the same he was sucking in coverage then bash him for all you want. But all we can do now is speculate and he hope he has transformed.

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    Re: Brandon Spikes MIA

    Spikes brings a meaness to the D that can't be measured in stats. Mayo became a better player with Spikes on the field. That said, he's not just a two down LB, he's an awesome TDLB. He's the best run defender on the team.

    I can't beleive some are waiting for Cunningham to show up. After 3 seasons, the team has soured on him and it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't make the 53.


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