Brandon Spikes who? Jamie Collins a hidden gem?

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    Re: Brandon Spikes who? Jamie Collins a hidden gem?

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    eariler this year, Denver mostly, he looked very good out there. played solid coverage and got a couple pressures on Manning too.

    tonight, solid tackling, great coverage (endzone v. Fleener, 3rd down v. Fleener & obviously the INT) and can get at the QB too.

    This guy could be the real deal. BB found Spikes replacement in Hightower and has this gem in Collins for nickel D with MAyo

    I don't know if a high round selection like Collins could be considered hidden, but the loss of Spikes and Mayo has given him his moment. 

    When was the last time you saw a LBer control a game like that for New England?

    The funny thing, he's been devastating against the run, attacking the hole and controlling the second level as good as anyone. 

    The last time I can remember a Pats rookie linebacker having a breakout game like this was when Mayo took over that overtime loss to the Jets. He had like 20 tackles, and every one was a bonecrusher.

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    Re: Brandon Spikes who? Jamie Collins a hidden gem?

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    Obviously he's a totally different player than Spikes and honestly I'd have to say Collins is the best linebacker we have - I'd take him over Mayo - Mayo spent four years trying to cover like Collins does as a rookie. I like this kids untapped pass rush potential too...there was a play last night where he closed in on Luck so fast that I couldn't believe my eyes, honestly there is only a handful of players in the NFL that could of closed like that.

    He should only get better.

    I like what you alot of times... but saying you'd take Collins over Mayo is tad far dontcha think? Mayo is Mr. Do It All. can cover any RB out of the backfield, hits the right gap/hole everytime, makes the tackle all the time. and can cover TEs too. hes an All-Pro.. Collins has a lot of work to do to catch him

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    Re: Brandon Spikes who? Jamie Collins a hidden gem?

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    The question is who to we frachise? Blount or Talib  I am leaning toward Talib being that there will be a bigger market for stud CB's than and BB has a pretty solid history drafting or UDFA RB's.  Not so much at the DB position.

    nether, Nether is worth that type of price tag. When healthy Talib can be a top 5 in the league but he always gets injured or is recovering from injury too often to warrent the price tag. Blount has ben running hard but he is still part of a RB by committee team and no RB is worth the tag in that type of system

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    Re: Brandon Spikes who? Jamie Collins a hidden gem?

    I love it when a few fans on this board feel the need to tear down another player while lauding a newer player. It is always, Spikes is great as Mayo sucks, Mayo was great but Hightower sucks filling in. Collins is great because Spikes wasn't very good. Collins is way better then Mayo already(LOL) Jones is great because Nink sucks, Siliga is great but VW is done, Blount is great, cuz Ridley sucks, Ridley is great where BJGE sucked, Vareen is great and woodhead sucked, Cannon changed the o line cuz volmer was soft, All these players are great but the GM sucks. 

    This team is LOADED with depth, the players are as prepared as any in the league because BB the coach, and the roster is as prepared as any who sustained these types of inuries because of the BB the GM. Spikes, Mayo, Collins, Hightower, Fletcher...all good players. VW,Kelly,Siliga...all good players. Talib,Dennard,Ryan,Arrington(usually?) DMC and yes even Gregory who lacks physical ability plays a role and is a good player. Blount, Ridley and Vareen are good players. Solder, Cannon AND Volmer...good players. Jones AND Nink good players.