Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark.

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    Re: Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark.

    In response to DontQuestionBB's comment:

    So basically unless I agree that every move by the Pats is great, I'm a Dolt fan.  Great logic.

    And drafting Brady was pure luck, as no way the the Pats or BB knew just how good he would become.  The problem I have is the Pats not capitalizing on that luck for so many seasons.

    So all of B's "bad" draft picks are his fault for being such a nimrod, but his drafting of the premier QB and Defensive Tackle of their generation so the team could win three rings was luck.  Got it.

    Do I need to expound on the stupidity of this statement or is my repeating it enough. 

    Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.  History will record the Bill Belichick drafted Tom Brady, only haters see something else.


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    Re: Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark.

    In response to UD6's comment:

    I am really puzzuled, are you a Patriots fan? Why are you here? DO the Colts not have a board of their own? If you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, how do they get it into the tube in the first place?  Does the fact that I like Soccer make me any less a fan of Football? All questions that need to be answered.



    Well if you demand it.  I am not a patriots fan although I respect their organization, shenanigans, dupings and all. 


    I like it here,  Have participated on this board for at least 5 years.  Know the players (board posters).  Think many of you are intelligent fans if not occassionally mentally clouded - but I chalk that up to fandom. 

    Colts fans have plenty of boards, but spend time agreeing with one another.  This board, frankly, is unique in that people are really opinionated and have picked sides.  There's the brady bunch (pun intended) vs. the belichickians.  The back and forth is quite entertaining. 

    Not a manufacturer of toothpaste.  Cannot answer that question.  May be one for the ages. 

    No.  Eventually soccer will overtake this country, but that's another subject.  I didn't agree with your post so I responded. 


    I've never made toothpaste either, but I'm guessing the crimping at the bottom of the tube suggests an answer . . .

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