Brandon Tate the answer??

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    Brandon Tate the answer??

    Just wanted to get a feel for what people are thinking about Brandon Tate? Did not know much about him coming out of the draft. Have learned since he could be a steal as a 3rd rounder. Solid WR and great kick returner. This is what I have read about the guy. I have read a lot of chatter on here saying that Tate is the answer at WR. I guess my only question is how does a rookie WR who hasn't practiced come in midway through the season and be expected to jump to the
    3rd WR spot. I agree with everyone Galloway has outstayed his welcome, but I do not think Tate is the answer. I mean, theres a chance he won't even be activated. Could just be placed on IR, right?
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    Re: Brandon Tate the answer??

    i dont think he come's back this year, they prolly put him on IR and play him next year..