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Break Up with Randy Moss?

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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    I Really cant believe some of you, hes been our ONLY scoring threat for 3 years. Nobody else has the opposing D worrying about putting 6 on the board. We have no respectable running game, no tight end, no other rec that scares you getting in the end zone, and a QB who clearly wasnt himself for most of the year. And this guy still put up top 5 numbers. You guys need to take another look, seriously. Give him some help for gods sake! He still can run, catch, and looks like he can put up 11-1200 and 12-15 tds for another 3-4 years. But yea why not make it a lil' harder to get back on top.
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    The first year Moss was here, he was able to run past double coverage. Some of that was deception, some speed.  This year he seemed to have a lot harder time beating double coverage.  Don't get me wrong: Moss is still a very good receiver--still one of the best in the game, in fact--but he is getting older, and as he ages, expecting him to be able to get open consistently against double coverage is unrealistic.  If you pair Moss up with another talented wideout (one who is also a serious deep threat), Moss will regain a lot of his effectiveness because the coverage won't be able to key on him so much. The Pats desperately needed a second deep threat all year.  If they keep Moss, they just need to pick up one more good receiver to make the team decent again. If they dump Moss, they'd need to pick up two players. So why would they dump Moss?  It seems to me that letting Moss go would just be taking a step away from where they need to go.

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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    I like moss just not as a #1 anymore, I would love to see a Hynes Ward type receiver come in.  More than his WR abilities one with his leadership and the mentality of not taking a play off. 

    I hate the Steelers but I am a big fan of ward for what he has done on the field.  I know his been critical of the Pats but him as a player is what great teams are built on.
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    I think everybody should get over it this guy is insane he said get rid of Moss and Welker why would you do that he is insane there not getting rid of Moss
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    pats7393-if moss was on one side and jackson or marshall on the other side.who would get double teamed?i bet it would be moss.and then the other receivers would be more open,and look so much better in the game.stats are not everything.even though through all the double and triple coverage moss goes through.he still gets over a thousand yards receiveing,and td,s.makes the pro bowls,and free,s up other receivers and makes them real good.if this isnt a no,1 receiver.then i have no idea what a no,1 receiver is.i agree they need a real good possesion receiver.then they would be complete,and be able to thin out a secondry a lot more.
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    dablade you said.....1) I have to think that the Oline will change quite a bit. Kaczur will be at RT and they will draft or sign a RG Koppen will play Center, Mankins will be back at LG and Vollmer at LT. THat is a much more powerfull Oline.

    I do not want Kaczur to see field, expect maybe on tv. Draft both a center and a tackle..Koppen stinks aswell
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    Sounds great and all but who is out there. And to make matters worse our other top wr is out for a year tops..............going into next year they can not plan for Welker at all , its to much of a risk............Moss isn't done yet.....he has more left .......
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    Ohyes - Who Brady throw to? Seriously? Welker has had back to back 100 reception seasons with Brady. Look at 07 with Gaffney. Moss and Welker still got their receptions. I don't understand what you meant to say and maybe I'm misunderstanding that, but Moss is still statistically one of the best in the league.

    As far as hands go....he had 7 drops, 6 last year and that has been consistent his entire career. I guess what you are saying is that Moss has never been a #1 receiver, which baffles me because he is top 3 in most career statistical cetegories. Since he has been in NE, he's been a model citizen. He attends charity events, a player that every teammate who has publicly spoken has said is a true leader, and BB, like em or hate, has said he's one of the smartest players he has EVER coached.

    So if he isn't a #1, I hate to see who you think is.

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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    Sure. Let's dump the guy who had 23 TDs in 2007 and opens up the middle of the field for Welker. Seems like a great idea.

    To fix the passing game, the Pats need:
    1). To do something about the pass protection. This is where the passing game truly starts. Fixing this will fix a lot of things.

    2). To find a possession receiver. Outside of Moss, who do they have that can make tough catches? Welker is a slot guy, Aiken is non-existant, and Watson has bricks for hands. The #2 guy doesn't need to have Chris Johnson or Randy Moss speed, he just needs to be able to consistently catch the ball when everyone else is covered. The #2's job is to keep the chains moving; leave the big plays to Moss and Welker.
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    Stats, stats, stats, blah blah.  The majority of those stats are racked up in games against mediocore/subpar competition.  He might go for 162 yds and 3 tds against a Miami caliber team, and then when you really need Revis or a team like the Ravens shuts him out completely in the playoffs.

    Like it or not, Moss changes the entire offensive gameplan, both good and bad.  You build him into your gameplan and you are essentially building in 5 deep balls a game and some bigtime shots down the field.  He's a guy that not only specializes in that type of play, but becomes disinterested if he's not getting those deep balls early.  It's feast or famon with him, and his game has been famine in the playoffs with the Pats.

    Your team should go back to the win by committe approach, with receivers like brown.  Keep Welker, drop Moss.  He is one year way from becoming the current Terrel Owens.

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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    I think you should repeat the 4th grade and pay attention in english class. That was a pretty bad post. First off Moss has shown he can catch 8, 10, 12 balls when needed, like he did when WW was out. Second, how was he at Indy this year, we needed that game and without him we get blown out. When we throw his way he shows up, look at the 07' playoffs, we came out in a 2 tight end set and ran the ball with conviction. If your not targeting him, he cant catch the ball loser. The second game this year with the jokes Revis had a very good game, but Moss did still put up 6 even though he he didnt have any yards. The first game was a different story, Moss beat Revis on about 70% of the plays, I was there and saw the all 22 tape, the coaches tape on playbook and nfl matchup. He beat him AND his HELP. 77 plays, Revis had him one on one only 7 times! Brady was hit 22 times that game and was eating dirt, kind of tough throwing from our back you moron. And you dont put up his numbers by only catching "deep balls" idiot, 926-14465-148. And he just had over 1250 and 13 td's at 32, going on 33 in a month. You think hes gonna drop off to 700 and 4 tds? Stop listening to stupid Jests fans and sportscenter and try if you can, to come up with an original thought. Oh yeah, you want to dump him and keep WW, when Welker has only performed with Moss. And he wont be back until the end of 2010, and will never be the same again, wow whats your name so we can give it to the Pats front office.  LOSER!
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    Re: Break Up with Randy Moss?

    Only a crazy person would get rid of Moss. He keeps the defense honest and gives the team a legitimate deep threat. Without him teams would be able to double cover Welker and focus on stopping the running game. Just admit it, the Patriots had a subpar year this year. That doesn't mean that they should fire and cut everyone. Moss is one of the best receivers ever and the team would be worse without him, it's as simple as that.

    What the Patriots need is a better O-line so Moss has enough time to run downfield before Brady is sacked. Also, a third receiver is a necessity. Without one teams don't need to worry about covering anyone besides Welker and Moss. With a good third receiver and a decent running game opposing teams wont know what to do.

    Seriously though. I can't believe all the people calling for brady and moss to be dumped after a 10-6 season. A 10-6 season! With a defensive transition! How would you feel to be a Rams fan right now? One bad season (at 10-6 mind you) does not mean the Pats should get rid of everyone. It means that the team is a serious contender and that a couple changes could make the team a superbowl champion.

    Sorry about the venting. It's late and i'm sick of everyone saying the pats need to let everyone go. It wasn't the best season but it could have been worse. Calm down, it'll be ok.