breakdown of Wilfork's contract????

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    breakdown of Wilfork's contract????

    "five-year extension worth $40 million ($25 million guaranteed and an $18 million signing bonus),"

    I'm not sure I get it!  Is the $18 million signing bonus part of the $40 million or is the $18 million in addition to the $40 million. 

    If the former, than Wilfork is guaranteed the entire amount.  ($25 M + $18 M = $43 M ??????)

    If the latter, than that would mean $58 million for 5 years of service or an average of $11.6 million per year???????
    Can someone provide a knowledgeable answer as to how this works out?
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    Re: breakdown of Wilfork's contract????

    Bonuses are always included in the total. 

    The total guarantee is $21 million. $18 of that is in signing bonuses. $7 million is likely in the form of some portion of guaranteed salary. The remaining $15 million is in what they call unguaranteed salary, meaning that if VW is cut, NE is not liable for that portion of the contract. 

    So . . . 
    $40 million total including $25 million in guarantees, of which $18 million are an up front signing bonus to be pro-rated over the term of the contract.