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Brees and the Louisiana eight step

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    Brees and the Louisiana eight step

    For years the NFL annalyists, have talk about the 3 step drop and the 5 step drop by the Quarterback. How did Brees avoid the tenacious Colt pass rush? The Louisiana 8 step , that's how. Simply Brees set up in the shotgun, 5 steps deep, then immediately sprinted 3 -4 more steps, which meant he was passing at least 15 18-20 yards behind the line of scrimage. Do the math, it would take at least 2 seconds for an unblocked rusher to get the 15-20 yards to pressure Brees, by that time his receivers are 15-20 yards downfield, give another second for the ball to travel in the air, the receiver is now 25 yards down the field. The angles change, the field widens and walla 32 for 37 and an MVP. I hope Tom Brady was watching this, give TB an extra second or 2 and he could shred any defence. Sean Peyton could be the new Bill Belicheck
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    Re: Brees and the Louisiana eight step

    Great Job by Brees & the Saints! Saints Coaching staff.  Hopefully the Patriots were watching and they go back to the 'DINK n DUNK' stuff - This killed the Colts last night!  (Just like how the Pats Always beat the Colts a few years back)...