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Bring on the Cowboys

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    Re: Bring on the Cowboys

    This game costs Romo his job.
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    Re: Bring on the Cowboys

    Romo ain't going anywhere. This game will not decide his near term future.

    The Cowboys are a very capable team. They have good skill players on offense, and a very good front 7 on defense. This is not going to be a game of domination. Our CB's will need to play the game of their lives this week. Romo has the ability to scramble and run. I think the key with him is keeping him in the pocket, and make him make a bad decision which he does all too often. If we force him outside, he loves to run, can throw on the run, and it plays into his athletic ability. I'm interested to see how our CB's hold up against Bryant, Austin and Whitten..that is as good a matchup for our CB's this year as any.
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