Broncos "put money where mouth is."

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    Broncos "put money where mouth is."

                           Obviously in athletics nothing is guaranteed but at some point it is important

    to make every effort {and maybe even take some chances} to achieve your goal. As a Broncos

    fan I appreciate the fact the team seems to be saying, "lets give it our best shot..........regardless." I like that. The Patriots have had tremendous success "waiting in the weeds" and always staying disciplined and not going away from their "structure" and all of that but it could bite them in the behind at some point........maybe not.

                            Don't forget part of the reason the Patriots {especially last year} and even the Broncos {both teams had many injuries} had 13-3 and 12-4 records was that the overall competition was not THAT good. I don't think either of those teams were as GOOD as their NFL records last year. Heck. No one in the AFC could really rush the passer last year. {Denver found that out in the Super Bowl.} If the quality of the football improves teams which have been 12-4 might find that if they play at the same level they'll be 9-7 and not 12-4. I think Denver recognizes this.

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    Re: Broncos

    Good post

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    Re: Broncos

    seriously?? They didnt loose because of their D, they lost because they couldnt handle the seattle defense.