Browner for 3/17 or Verner for 5/26?

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    Re: Browner for 3/17 or Verner for 5/26?

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    Verner is pretty much an exclusive cover 2 CB...which of course is Lovies forte and what the Buc's will play exclusively. BB doesn't play much cover 2. He wants his Cb's to be able to play man, jam at the los and is physically demanding, and verner has neither the size or ability to excel in this defense...

    would have been a big mistake going after Verner unless BB was going to change his defense, which he isn't....

    I am not new to jumping on the band wagon...I was pushing for Revis when he was leaving the Jets...but after Revis, IMO Talib was the 1A option for this defense, bar none....

    I am pretty pleased with the addition of browner...I really like the defensive backfield  at this point....

    the S's are going to be asked to do a lot of different things with Spikes and Gregory not on the team, and I wonder if these cb's give more credence to TWilsons skills...

    Tavon Wilson will be cut this year.

    Maybe, but as of today isn't he the 3rd guy on the depth chart at S and arent he and Slater the only 2 on the roster that play all 4 ST groupings? For $1M against the cap, that's a pretty versatile player.

    with Revis on the roster, and Spikes off the roster, I would assume the SS will be asked to play a lot different this year. Not cover as much as support the run and hopefully rush to QB. That should play to Wilson's strength. 

    Versatile would give some sort of implication that one could play...??

    Anyway...the pattern is usually 2 full seasons on the bench then it's Michael Corleon sends his regards.

    The clock strikes midnight this year for these 3.

    1. Jake Bequette

    2. Nate Ebner

    3. Tavon Wilson

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    Re: Browner for 3/17 or Verner for 5/26?

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    Verner is a good football player, but Browner is a beast. He'll kick your a*s, take your name, and then come back and kick your a*s again. 

    Haha....and smile while he does it!

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    Re: Browner for 3/17 or Verner for 5/26?

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    I guess size matters. Verner is younger, has played in 16 games every season of his 4 year career instead of having an impending 4 game suspension and was clearly between the 2nd and 4th best CB on the market after Revis.

    But he's only 5'10"

    AAV of 5.67 for Browner and 5.2 for Verner. Verner does get 14m guaranteed. Anyone know what Browner is guaranteed yet?

    Verner is a very good CB, but Browner is a better fit here for what BB likes to do. Large press man corner vs guy who excells in zone coverage.