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Browns Wise To Get Lombardi for VP

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    Re: Browns Wise To Get Lombardi for VP

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    Rusty this sounds like an attack but I don't want to attack you because the last time I did I lost my will to live for a while over your stubbourness but if we're going to be honest. Do you really think Lombardi is a good personel director or do you like him because he has nothing but excellent things to say about BB, I don't know the man, don't know what he's like as a GM but here are the facts I do know:

    i) He worked for BB in Cleveland and never worked for him again and BB loved those Cleveland guys
    ii) He hasn't been in football since 07 and that was with the raiders during their unbelievable decline
    iii) He's been part of maybe 4 winnings teams spanning from the late 80's to 07 which is a terrible awful record for any front office personel 




    Was that before or after I caught you lying about being a student at BC? Gee, RKarp lying about having a Harvard MBA and now Macmenimin asking why I think Lombardi is a great modern era choice to direct a team.

    Here's what I know:

    He and BB basically oulined the cap formula that BB applies today. I don't care what anyone says, but BB had this, along with Lombardi and Pioli, back in Cleveland from 1991-1995.

    BB has proven this with a more than steady hand for 10+ years. Perfect? Absolutely not. As good as it gets? Absolutely.

    They had the formula.  They new the cap would be completely abused by some teams, teams would panic, make 1 or 2 disastrous cost moves which would handicap them for up to 5 years at a time.  This means, 5-10 teams every year will really be who you are competing against. 

    There's a reason why the Al Davis, Jerry Jones and Snyder types and their meddling ways have failed after having a puppet in there.   Al Davis didn't let Lombardi do his job in Oakland. Lombardi tried it, Lombardi realized Davis was long gone and senile, he quit and moved on.

    In the Cleveland case now, he's the guy.   How can you not like the guy along with BB who were the first ones to grasp how important the economics of this all is?

    I mean, go look at the Jets.  They did everything the opposite of what BB would have done and what Lombardi would have done the last 5 years.

    And yeah, I know that BB and Lombardi are close, so I've leaned on what Lombardi says in the past to reinforce some of my original opinion or sometimes simply learning of things that happen before they do happen.

    Again, if I am Browns fan, I am thrilled with the choice.  They have some potential at QB, we'll see with Chudzinski there, but step 1 is your GM. I know he's got a "VP" title, but whoever he hires as the GM, it will like how BB did it here with it being more administrative and liason between the scouting and draft/FA prep.




    Well I am a student at BC that's a fact bro whether you like it or not (i won't be entering into a discussion about this so don't try and blow off everything I say and returning to this point). You're absolutely right about the strategy coming out of Cleveland although it's been 18 years since the 1995 season ended for the Cleveland Browns and all those involved with BB departed with the exact same knowledge that BB brought to New England, in the cleveland 95 documentery Lombardi says personally that if you enter most draft rooms and front offices in the NFL they'll have the BB scouting report and cap system in place. Therefore you don't need an original BB disciple to implement it after all as they say Rusty this is a copycat league. You didn't really answer my questions instead you just began by insulting me and then saying what you felt you would say, so answer them:

    1) If he's so excellent why did BB not trust him following the cleveland says? (this may have simply been a circumstantial thing, i'll give you that)
    2) Why's he been out of football since 07 (i'll even give you that this may have been simply by choice although i don't think so)
    3) Why does he not have many winning seasons? 
    4) New one: Why did he draft Jamarcus Russell the biggest bust in NFL history? ( OK this one is a stretch he was fired from the job 3 weeks after the draft so his involvement in the draft process may have been minimal to non existent but still he may have been involved he was in charge of player evaluation so at least they'd have used his scouting reports, not a great reflection)

    So all in all the main point is he isn't a winner, there were 5 drafts from 02 to 07 and unless Davis chose damn near every draft choice he didn't do a very good job. If you're planning to insult me again in your reply don't bother replying I don't want to hear it if you want to talk honestly about Michael Lombardi be my guest!


    Please don't throw intelligence, reason or logic at Rusty. He doesn't know what to do with it

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    Re: Browns Wise To Get Lombardi for VP

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    I knew that those Browns teams were pretty bad, but I didn't realize how bad their drafts were.

    Check out the Raider drafts when Lombardi was there.....horrible beyond horrible

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    Re: Browns Wise To Get Lombardi for VP

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    I love how Rusty has a super man crush on Lombardi because of the Belichick connection - yet Lombardi and Belichick weren't even on speaking terms until recently.





    Busted cold.  BB and Lombardi have stayed connected for years and years.  I love how Mt Hurl tries to claim that he knows how frequently they talk, when I routinely would reference Lombardi saying something about our team on air, then days later it coming true publicly, which means he was talking to BB, dummy.

    HIs direct line into covering the Pats via NFLN was through BB. That was the connection. That's why any interviews BB ever did there was there, not at ESPN. That and because of Mayock, too.

    You should be running out of here with your tails between your legs at this point, the fraud you are.

    Christ, I forgot Rkrap claimed the JEts interviewed Lombardi and offered him a job. LOL!!!

    Idzik was the Jets ONLY interview. That's a fact.   RKrap is caught right here above LYING AGAIN, completely concocting a lie about the Jets offering Lombardi a job.

    I can catch almost every member of the BBW Guild in multiple lies in this thread alone, as they now want to crown Lombardi as the reason of BB's rebuild on the fly and now juggernaut is here.



    Bawaha!! Google it dumbo. They were talking about it on the radio last year. Sorry this makes you all sad inside:(

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    Re: Browns Wise To Get Lombardi for VP

    geezzzz.....never realized how long the "you are a liar, no you are a liar" thingy has been going on.....

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