Bubba's Fantasy Football Dilemna

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    Bubba's Fantasy Football Dilemna

    CSR: ESPN customer service may I help you?
    Bubba: Umm yes maam, I had me a draft about 4 weeks ago... hehehe... well I've had me about 6 drafts already today.... if ya know what I mean.. Any hoo.. I'm in your league and these white guys I drafted are broken.
    CSR: Excuse me sir, what are you talking about?
    Bubba: Well I drafted me these high profile white guys, and they ain't getting me pig spit for points, they are flat broken. I wanna turn them back in and get me some more.
    CSR: Sir, ESPN has nothing to do with your fantasy football picks.
    Bubba: The hell you say, I'm on your website, you gave me broken white guys, and I'm wantin some help here.
    CSR: Sir, ESPN only provides a vehicle for you to play fantasy football, we can hardly be held liable for who you pick.
    Bubba: I ain't been provided no vehicle woman, I got me some broken a$s white dudes who ain't scoring no points.
    CSR: I'm sorry sir, you need to contact your league manager and discuss this within your league. Your problems are not germane to the services ESPN provides.
    Bubba: I ain't talkin about the goshdarn Germans, I'm talkin about gettin rid of these broke a$s white boys I drafted.....
    CSR: Sir, I can't help you with that. Please contact your league. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    <PAUSE />

    Bubba: Yeah, I got a broken black fella too.

    ......... click <dialtone />

    Hello to Pat, Game, Bolt, Bub, and all. I'm sure missing my 1500+ posts but I'm certainly loving the prospects of the upcoming season! Can't wait!

    -Mike in Katy, Texas
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    Re: Bubba's Fantasy Football Dilemna

    HI, Papi, good to see you back!! Sounds very southern to me. After living in NC for about seven years now it still surprises me when a Southerner calls me a "Yankee" They just can not get over it! and of coarse the Northerners are to blame for any problem that may arise. 

    So glad Brady and football are back!
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    Re: Bubba's Fantasy Football Dilemna

    Sounds like Bubba not only had six drafts today, but a couple fatties as well! Welcome back, Mike! Hope you and NEGAME stick around for the real football discussions. I'm so tired of politics, religion, race issues, and the rest of the offseason BS! Can't wait for Tom to start throwing TDs to Randy once again. Of course, that will bring out the trolls, but we can comfort ourselves in the fact that they will be miserable once again once our team starts kicking a s s!!!