Bucs Vs. Patriots Matchup

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    Re: Bucs Vs. Patriots Matchup

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    I watched the Jets game and the jets defense was throwing  a lot at Freeman and he def. didnt handle it well. Freeman is mobile but not really a threat to run. I think if the Pats just mix their coverages and run blitz so that if they pass, he is pressured to make a quick throw, we will make him pay. I can see BB setting up a few coverages to bait him into a pic like we used to see with Asante. If we can contain the run, I feel pretty good about us being able to win on that side, but noone knows what our offense will look like. Revis is licking his chops hoping he sees the offense from last week. I expect improvement, a simplified gameplan, and a gameplan that includes trying to run. I cant see Brady wanting to throw 50 plus with Revis and Goldson in the back end. They should spread them out and let Ridley find some holes on draw plays.


    Brady will have to make smart decisions about forcing throws, throwing to open guy or throw the ball away if time runs out.

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    Re: Bucs Vs. Patriots Matchup

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    I saw that earlier. Whats up with Talib needing to tell Spikes where  to line up. It should be as simple as Ok, Spikes you got the Back. As you can see he is lined up outside, GO COVER HIM!

    Spikes aint helping himself when he is out there and that was a horrible mismatch anyway. They need to start getting Fletch on the field as Spikes wont be here next year anyway


    Yea but back to the main point. Jackson is gonna be Haaard to Gaaaurd in the slot with Arrington. Im hoping they scheme some way so that Arrington isnt outside. I know they want Talib to match up in the slot but if he aint used to it. I would rather keep Arrington there and give him safety help.


    "Take care of my B*tch, I may need her back in a couple years"

    Brady to Manning after Wes signed with Denver

    Guys, Spikes was not in the training camp in the past summer.  He said, he was working out at home's ......bar.  That is why he is slow.