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    I am the only one noticing that Burgess is picking up little bit lately. I saw him on two games getting sacks. Is he comfortable with the playbook now or BB letting him loose.. Hope they can get some pressure on opposing QB's. Yesterday was good sign for pass rush. Hope they can build on that..

    I wish Sean crable was given opprtunity. I had lot of hopes for him, but two years on shelf. Next year with Crable and tyrome McKenzie (in side LB), and some pass rushers, hopefully our D will be set..

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    Re: Burgess....

    McK I like a bunch, Crable is just gravy at this point, too many injuries.  Tons of talent that has been broken.  I hope I am wrong and he comes back and has an long all pro career, but I would be shocked.
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    Re: Burgess....

    It would be a ton of good news if Burgess came on going into the playoffs. 

    Maybe it's matter of being comfortable with the system now. 

    Let's hope so...
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    Re: Burgess....

    Burgess is catching on, but Wright is really REALLY coming on. I love his motor, reminds me of Jared Allen - I'm not saying he is that good, just similar get up and go.
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    Re: Burgess....

    The sack against Carolina should be discounted for circumstances: Matt Moore had a clean pocket with minimal pressure and decided nonetheless to bootleg around the edge.  It's still my belief that Burgess was never getting by that tackle on his own.

    I do like Mike Wright in passing situations, though.
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    Re: Burgess....

    Agreed, I think he was credited with 6 tackles.  Clearly his best statistical game which could differ from the way the coaches grade, but it's what we have to go on. 

    Like Colvin before him, (although Colvin, though injured early, was in the prime of his career) the Pats use these guys in a controlled scheme....Do your job....So as such it has taken him awhile to get acclimated.  Granted his best years are behind him.  But he looked decent making some solid tackles on Sunday.  He's certainly not the future. 

    Regarding Crable, I even wonder at this point what to even expect.  Haven't even seen enough of him in preseason to from an opinion.  You know,  a glimpse of something that gets you excited in him as player.  Jury isn't even deliberating on him yet.  

    Pierre Woods...sorry simply don't like him as a player.  Made a few mistakes Sunday (i.e.  didn't establish the corner).  

    I can see the Pat's continuing their youth movement on defense this offseason with respect to the draft.    
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    Re: Burgess....

    Crable is 2 years out of football with injuries. not promising.

    McKenzie will platoon with Guyton but they desperately need to address linebackers in the draft.

    switching to a 4-3 will be a hot debate. all depends if wilfork is back or not. tagging and then trading wilfork might work if hes holding out for big $$.

    Possible players: BB loves getting players from the SEC for defense.

    - Rolando McClain -ILB Alabama (need to trade in the teens)
    - Sergio Kindle - OLB Texas (first round)
    - Carlos Dunlap - DE Florida (first/second round)
    - Brandon Spikes - ILB Florida (first/second round)