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Cam Johnson!!!

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    Cam Johnson!!!

    This is my guy right now. He isnt gonna be a 1st round pick and he has all the tools needed to succeed.  I always look to see what see defensive players are coming out of UVA. They have been a 3-4 team for years and I am surprised B.B. hasnt gone that route of getting players from Al Groh's system.

    I watched this guy at the combine put up some decent numbers so I checked his youtube highlights and he flashed a lot of upside. He is a natural pass rusher who commanded a double team most the game,. He had a high motor and nice size, speed combo. He is 6'3" 270 in the A.D. mold, but his body reminds me of J.P.P. and his athletisicm is similar to Lavar Arrington. He wears the # 56!!!

    I did notice that every few plays his effort would tail off, nothing big, but he would be  in pursuit of the ball and then slow down and give up.

    So I checked his Bio and turns out, he was diagnosed with sickle cell a couple years back and thats the reason he gets gassed after 4 or 5 plays.  I believe you can work with that. Make him situational and moniter his plays.

    He played for 2 years in Groh's 3-4 and also had success last year as a 4-3 DE.

    He is long, fluid, agile, strong, and smart but needs to learn discipline and is not a every down backer at this point, but can play up or down. Just needs to play part time for now.

    Check him out. Let me know what you guys think. If he slips due to his condition he is a great second day pick.
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    Re: Cam Johnson!!!

    I like Johnson, he should go somewhere in the mid 3rd-mid 4th but he is no JPP. Mercilus is closer to JPP then Johnson is truthfully.

    The reason I say that is because Johnson completely disappears in the dbl team. For one odd reason or another he just can't fight through a dbl team and gets completely taken out of the play. Against single blocks he has the strength, speed, and ability to beat the blocker but there just isn't the same effort when dbl'd. There were games where I saw him slow down and not even fight through a single block if it looked like their was an extra block on his side.

    This can be cured but I'm not a big fan of players who don't give max effort even if dbl'd. JPP fights through dbls and always has. Johnson has the feet, agility, power, and speed but just doesn't give the effort when he faces adversity. There's also a question if he can drop back in coverage. Right now he's a pure 43 end who has the physical tools to be a 34 OLB but will he put the effort in to make the move?

    If they don't grab an edge rusher earlier in the draft I'd love to grab this kid in the back end of the 3rd but I'd prefer Branch in the 1st or maybe even Vernon in the 5th
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    Re: Cam Johnson!!!

    Eng, you are right, he is no J.P.P. , the comparison was more of his body type but not his production. He isnt 6'6" , but he looks taller than 6'3" and to me he moved well for a 270 lber.

    As for the lack of effort in double teams and pursuit at times, I think thats more to do with his sickle cell than anything. He didnt strike me as a guy to take plays off, as he is relentless, but slowed by that disease.

    That makes him a candidate to fall pretty low and thats when the Pats should pounce if he makes it to the 4th.

    IN the NFL, hopefully with Vince and another D.L. he wouldnt be doubled much.
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    Re: Cam Johnson!!!

    I didn't know he had a sickle cell condition. I don't know how that would show up only against dbl's and not against single blocking schemes. If it did affect his play on the field that has to be a pretty big concern moving forward doesn't it (I don't know a lot about the condition truthfully)

    The one thing he does have going for him is that he started his career as a OLB so he does have the ability to play outside. When I mentioned questions on his ability to drop back it was more due to the amount of size he gained from his two OLB years to his DE year. Some think this might hinder his ability to drop back, but he is comfortable standing up.

    I'm not sure if he makes it to the 4th but he'd be a great value in the 4th even if they grab a Branch or Curry early.
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    Re: Cam Johnson!!!

    Well, BB took rasi dowling with their 33 pick overall last yr from virginia ---- I'm sure coach groh had input about rasi to BB about that pick.