Camp Coverage NFLN

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    Re: Camp Coverage NFLN

    football it`s like a chess match.

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    Re: Camp Coverage NFLN

    Former Pat, Heath Evans coverage is very crisp and to the point while understanding the deeper issues at play. He has made the transition to broadcasting very well and it is a pleasure to get his insights.

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    Re: Camp Coverage NFLN

    I am trying to figure out what makes you such an expert in your own mind? you dont see games. you dont see camp. you dont see practice. you say what a great player Ballard is, yet you might have seen him play 2 times. you rave about Wilson, yet you most likely saw him play 1 time last year against the Pats. most every thing written you think is flawed or written by a hack, with an agenda against the Pats, so it seems everything you read about the team, you dont trust or disagree...

    so in reality, you are a guy who watches the games if you subscribe to the NFL package, and sit on this board all day agitating folks. you really have very little credibility watching a practice, scouting a player, or analyzing what a team is trying to do...

    other than your name calling and put downs, and your Brady and Jets trolling, you really bring very little to this board..yet you picture yourself a genius football guru, whom everyone pretty much laughs or yells at here.

    I think I have mentioned to you numerous times thru the past couple of years.....get very much need it


    In Defense of Rusty:

    Russ contributes a lot to the board from a football perspective. His analysis can be original from time to time and he is willing to always have an opinion and defend it. The only problem I have with Russ is his arrogance and self righteousness in  attacking others. Although I don't excuse this, he is not the only one here with that issue.

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    Re: Camp Coverage NFLN

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    Has anyone been watching NFLNs live camp coverage?

    1. It's pretty good.
    2. It's interesting to see the differences in how teams run drills.
    3. Some teams seem to waste a ton of time doing random drills that don't appear to be efficient.

    One thing I did notice, when you watch how other teams run drills or little mini scrimmages, some teams seem to be better in terms of efficiency.

    I noticed one team (forgetting who it was), they run drills on each half of the field, where one unit runs a play, and then the coach just turns around and the other unit runs a play on the other half of the field, so it just goes back and forth.

    I thought that was efficient.

    Finally, some teams seem to do a lot of standing around where different groups are standing around socializing, etc.

    Welcome to the world of sports. This is common occurance in any sport, any team.