Can anyone explain to me why Brady does not get more MVP love?

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    Re: Can anyone explain to me why Brady does not get more MVP love?

    In response to PatsEng's comment:

    In response to dapats1281's comment:

    I assume that this thread was opened to mock mine. First, Brady did have an MVP caliber season, I just do not think his was the best. Leading the number 1 offense is an important, but I don't see how that should win him the MVP. I think a large part of that has to do with the fact that he has better offensive personnel around him.

    Yes, Brady has a better record against playoff teams and that's certainly one way to look at things.

    Against common opponents with Rodgers (SEA, SF, ARZ, IND, and HOU) they share an identical record. Both are 2-3. Rodgers lost to IND on the road while Brady lost to the Cardinals at home. As for the SEA game, I believe the call was an INT and that it should have been a win for GB, not a loss. As for the game itself, Brady played better than Rodgers. But if you watched the game, you would see that the Dline of SEA was dominating in a way that probably no QB would have that much success.

    As for Rodgers one loss against a non-playoff team, it was the Giants, a team the Pats have lost 3 straight to.

    Taking out your homerism, if you believe Brady was the MVP, then that's fine with me. The MVP award has no specific criteria so it's a largely opinion based award. My opinion is that Rodgers is the MVPQB and Peterson is the MVP.

    Who cares if the Pats lost to the Giants 3 times in a row, what does that have to do with this year? It has absolutely nothing to do with it. I would say Brady's weapons are compariable to Rodgers and though I give the Pats OL and edge Brady also makes them look better because he has a much quicker release then Rodgers does (who tends to hold it longer then he should). All in all both had very impressive seasons and it might solely be that most of us see Brady more often then Rodgers but the games I watched Rodgers he didn't command the game, the line, or even command the opponents D's like Brady does. To me that game at the line when you adjust your plays is what seperates Brady from Rodgers this year and Brady was masterful this year

    The point was to the guy comparing playoff records because it's really just comparing apples to oranges. Brady and Rodgers both have 1 loss against nonplayoff teams. Brady's came against the Cardinals and Rodgers came against a Giants. That's all I meant by it. You can't just go by the win-loss record. I know What happened last season or from seasons past has no bearing on this year.

    And I agree, I would say Brady and Manning are the absolutely best when it comes to the presnap. That being said, from the games I saw, Rodgers was pretty good at it too. Also, doesn't that say a lot about Rodger's playing ability? That he puts up comparable numbers to those guys despite the fact that he may not read the defense as well?

    Trust me, I know Brady is a top 5 Qb of all time. I love him as much as every other Pats fan. But you have to be impressed with Rodgers. If you believe he does not command the line well, he still put up a 39:8 TD:INT ratio. Just imagine what those numbers would be if he commanded the line just slightly better, or even if he gets to Brady or Manning's level. That's something that I think you gain from time after seeing defenses for the millionth time and putting that millionth hour into film study.

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    Re: Can anyone explain to me why Brady does not get more MVP love?

    I'll give the OP's question a shot. 

    1.  Brady has gotten as much love as anyone in the past 5 years.  He's won twice. 

    2.  He's in the conversation. 

    3.  He faltered a bit at the end of the regular season. 

    4.  Its not like he's playing with a bunch of new faces on his side of the ball.

    5.  He probably doesn't get as much credit as he should because a lot of credit for the team's success goes to the coach.