No I don't want to use bold italics just to make my points, but if it irritates you, I'll stop.  I don't want to be responsible for clouding that "shap" mind of yours with anything extraneous.  Its working overtime on your fantasy story, as it is, and unfortunately you are failing to effectively connect the dots.  5th Graders could expose the holes in your story.  But look, I am here to help. 

How does Polian manipulate the roster of a team he does not manage and while under contract with another team?

As for manipulating the team to lose, can you point to any specific changes he did or did not make within confines of the salary cap that support your feelings? 

Also, we can work on your analogies.  Free throws and NFL wins are not at all akin to one another. 

And what I would have done or Rusty would have done have no bearing on our discussion.  I am beginning to worry about you.  You are losing focus, and we have to stay the course if we are going to develop a fantastic story.