Can Pollard be serious.....

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    Can Pollard be serious.....

    Or is he simply stupid?

    The end of football is coming? Really?? What a knucklehead.
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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    First, yes he's a huge idiot. His comments actually made me less intelligent reading them

    Second, he could be right about football not being around in 20-30 years, but not for the reasons he believes and actually his thought process would cause the demise.

    The first nail might come when the insurance companies stop insuring the different programs. Insurance companies are looking long and hard at the fact that more and more kids are getting concussions and the parents are suing more often. At one point or another insurance companies might no longer insure high school or even pee-wee football programs. Without that insurance no program will assume the risk themselves

    The second nail will come when parents no longer want their kids to have their brains smashed in. Now lower income families who dream their kids to become millions in the league will still exist but what about the vast majority of parents in the middle class? Football is the most dangerous sport for concussions, three times higher then the next most dangerous (girls soccer). The more these reports come out and players continue dying because of brain trauma related issues the less likely middle class parents will want their kids in such a dangerous sport without proper protection

    The third nail will come when less competitive colleges in the most costly to insure states (CA being one) decide the benefit of having a football team isn't worth the risk of a multi-action lawsuit by former players as more findings about concussions comes out.

    Eventually if something isn't done the talent level in the NFL will diminish and the fans who are use to the current level of competition will become less interested and profits will begin to diminish. Then the profits will diminish to the point where the players are making more the owners (like the NBA) a major lockout/strike will happen. With a weakening fanbase the NFL could face what the NHL saw where it took years for them to recover.

    It might not sound likely but it's a very real possibility of happening as everything is in place for it to happen. I believe Goodell already saw this coming down the pipe and has plans in place to counter this from happening
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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    I tend to agree with him.  Although the ratings clearly don't back me up, I feel like the NFL is going downhill.  Between inconsistent penalty calls on big hits and the fact that I used to know what constituted a catch but now you might as well just flip a coin, my overall enjoyment of the game has gone down.  I can't stand the fact that you pretty much can't hit recievers over the middle anymore.  The "defenseless" reciever is a joke.  You know how you defend yourself?  Don't jump two feet in the air with your arms extended over your head to catch the ball.  These rules put the defensive players in a no win situation.  If you hit the guy it's a 15 yard penalty and if you lay up it's a catch.  It used to be that that reciever got destroyed and came back to the huddle and told the QB not to do that to him again.  I can understand a player like Pollard's frustration.

    Although it is tragic what is happening to these players when their careers are over (highlighted by Seau and Duerson), when it comes right down to it I (and I don't believe I'm alone) want to see big hits and physical football.  If they start taking this out of the game and making it arena football (which is the direction the league is going), then they will eventually lose viewership. If you don't think this could happen, look at professional boxing and the UFC.  Pro boxing, heavyweight in particular used to be a big draw.  As their product started to slip people tuned in less and less.  Now people want to see the more violent ultimate fighting so that is more popular now.  In the offseason we sit here and talk about concussions and player safety, but come the regular season we will want to see real hitting and get angry when that personal foul flag gets thrown on a violent textbook hit that knocks a guy out of the game with a concussion.

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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    One other consequence of the high profile that the NFL enjoys is that nitwits like Pollard are asked questions by the media and then have an opportunity to confirm what most suspected for quite awhile:  that he really is a nitwit.  One other thing I gathered from the interview:  although not confirmed, he sure likes to convey the impression that he enjoys injuring other players.  Sterling fellow.

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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    This guy makes Emmitt Smith look like Shakespeare.
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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    I have been wat!ching the NFL since 1968-it's by far been my favorite sport. That being said the game has and is changing and for the worse. I see the writing on the wall and will be officially retiring as a viewer once Tom Brady retires,(3 years ?),---the game will be destroyed in 3-5 years and turn into a rough version of two hand touch football-and defenses will be straight jacketed so all these passing records are going to need aterics next to them. Sad but true-best sport destroyed---what a shame, because tennis,golf,baseball and that dreaded modern day basketball are not worth the time---I'd rather paint my house than watch em.
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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    Money talks. As long as there is money to be made, the game will be the game. And, Pollard will still be a low IQ inbred.
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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    So let me get this straight ... according to Bernard ... as long as we pay for it with our own money ... he would be OK if a few of us put a contract out for someone to hurt him ... say for each ACL / knee (one for Tom, one for Wes) and an ankle (for Gronk).

    I thought that would be against the law .. but I guess not if you are a punk.
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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    Hey dipschit you are the most arrogant terd on this board-let me tell ya little weiner - the Bears defense -the iron curtain and miamis defense in the 70s would pulverise these prima donnas like Suh ---have you ever heard of Jack Ham or Lambert -you dont have a clue tough talking NY wussy---I bet your Ma and Pa have spoiled you rotten so now you think you know it all--BTW I guess Jerry Rice and Montana couldn't hold a candle to these guys either --you my friend are what we Bostonians call a BLOW_Hard! Do us All a favor and take your NY attitude and fly a kite-you NYs make me sick-think your the center of the world ---get lost and go post on your Tebow-Gay Sancheeese board-----your the worst person on our Patriots message board and you are what I like to refer as a little dic I know your  a tough guy in between your own ears-Right. Typical arrogant NYorker-I bet your Italian to boot!!! Response to Re: Can Pollard be serious.....:
    In Response to Re: Can Pollard be serious..... : all old f*rts think everything was better back when...that's why they're old f*rts same rose-colored nostalgia nonsense...and todays athletes are so much better than the ones 20-40 yrs ago its not even funny...
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    Re: Can Pollard be serious.....

    Yea, the game will be gone soon, but he just signed a three year extension.  Wants to milk it as long as he can.