Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

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    Re: Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

     A lot of yahoos might live in your neighboorhood, try a good no stick spray on coating when cooking if not maybe wear a plastic bag.
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    Re: Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

    No stick like 10W30?
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    Re: Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

    I'm a troll and I'll say, hey they lost, it happens. What concerns me now, last week, the week before and so on is the lack of play makers on defense. We have outstanding coaching and that will be enough ( and Brady) for most weeks, but when it gets cold and the games mean more...I'm worried. We're ranked 28th in defense for a reason, hopefully they'll improve, but pass rushers and shut down corners don't grow on trees or on "value picks".

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    Re: Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

    mm PRE-Cap NFL Era~
    "Do you realize that 24 of the 28 teams made the playoffs at least once in the 1970s? Yet 9 teams made the SB: Pittsburgh won 4 SB, Dallas went to 5 SB, Miami and Minnesota 3 times a piece.  Being the other 15 teams), it was too difficult.  The accomplishment then was a higher achievement, not EASIER!" ~southshore

    "...pre cap...success on average was harder...more difficult for many teams to be successful..."
         Now, ERRRrrrr...keep the wheel's a' spinnin' shore, just 1 more second and 1 more fraction of a thought further...ERRrrrrrr...YOU can DO It Man!  ERRrrr, BEING "harderfor very many of the other teams to get into the playoffs, win superbowls, and the like," MEeeeans That it therefore MUST have been "_<blank>_ (EDIT-I actually felt the need that I had to add this...seriously = hint: <opposite of 'harder'>) for the REST of these FEWER NFL Teams in order to make the playoffs, win superbowls, achieve success, AND Thus-Achieve this LENGTHY and LONG-Term success, than these great number of lowly other NFL Teams, whom are forever stuck in the basement year after year"...EERRrrrrr, You can DO it southshore!

    NFL Era~
    "Take the 2000s    29 of the 32 teams made the playoffs at least once.  14 teams made the SB: New England won 3 of 4, Indy, Pitt, NYGiants made 2 appearances.. 10 one-timers!!!  The Cap-era made it easier for more teams to participate in winning." ~southshore

    THEREFORE="MORE Teams having these Post-Cap checks and balances & stipulations (reasons stated in the other thread)",THEREFORE="There is MORE _<blank>_(I'll give ya a hint: rhymes with far greater and equalized 'tompetition')," THEREFORE="FAR, far less chances of longe term and lengthy chances for _<blank>_(I'll give ya hint: rhymes with 'luccess')," "Therreeeeefore (I know you can do this...I BELIEVE in you)=LESS, way less number & chance for a _<blank>_ to achieve & come about with a- (hint: rhymes with a 'rynasty')."  

    There you go!!!  Laz, I'm proud of you!!

    Its about the Rynasty!!   This faux argument about CAP era is your 'round about way of wanting to prove that the New England Patriots Rynasty is the most amazing sports achievement of ALL time!!!   All this national opinion of Pittsburgh's 4 in 6 and San Francisco 4 in 9 being GREATER than the mighty Patriots Rynasty bothers you and BB.  You need legitimacy, you want validation.

    Oh yeah, well....    the Patriots did it in the Cap Era!!!

    So it let be said, so let it be done!

    Just making sure that's your point.  Because if your actually arguing the NFL in terms of the original statement, you have absolutely nothing going for you.

    Let me break down the math so even you can understand.

    1970s  24 teams made the playoffs. That means eligible for the Lombardi trophy.  Yet only 9 made it to the big game.  Hmmmmm... (carry the one)that's 15 teams failing to make the game. That means 32.14% of NFL clubs had a chance for Super Bowl glory. Its a lot HARDER to win a Super Bowl when you can't get TO the Super Bowl in the first place.

     But... gosh Wally!  Im more insanely focused on all the talk that Pittsburgh is a better rynasty, and to a lesser degree the Dallas Cowboys too.  That makes me VERY angry as a Patriots fan.  The way I spin it is that it was so EASY for Pittsburgh to win all those years because the co-co-co-competition was feeble!  So that doesn't really count!! Yeah, that's the ticket. 

    2000s  29 of 32 teams were eligible to win the Lombardi Trophy and 14 made the Super Bowl.  (....math time....)
    That's  43.75% of all NFL clubs played for Super Bowl glory!!

    1970s  32.14%
    2000s  43.75%

    That's so not groovy, Bobby!  You mean to tell me that the chances were greater a team could win in the Cap-Era?  WOW, the Cap-Era is easier to win a Super Bowl.  But, but.. but I love the Patriots!  What they accomplished gave me hope and pride that my hometown is the greatest place to live and I can gloat all over America "Up your nose with a rubber hose! In your face with a can of mace!"  

    I know!! I'll say that winning 3 times in 4 years is sooooo hard with all that change going on. no one can refute that!! Because, "When its time to change, you got to re-arrange, Who you are into what you're gonna be! Sha-na-na-na-na-naaa-na-na-naa...sha-na-na-naaa-naaah!"

    Tell you what Laz, not only that, but the rules enforced in this era starting in 1977 (as noted in prior thread) deeply affected the evolving prosperity as much as the cap system.  There is NO denying the Cap helped places like Green Bay and Kansas City stay competitive. But look no further than Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Detroit who also play in this benefited era and notice they haven't done anything to improve their status as doormats, MUCH like the New York Giants, New York Jets, and New Orleans Saints from the 1970s.  Bad teams cancel each other out. What's left are the teams winning enough games to be eligible to make it to the Super Bowl, the very reason for playing football in the first place.  In the 2000s we saw more teams make that leap than in the 1970s.  Why??? Wait for it... wait.... because it was EASIER!!!

    If you want to debate Peter King, Mercury Morris, and dig up George Halas for your round table of nanny-nanny-noo-noo my Rynasty is better than yours; Have at it Lil Guy!  Thump that chest! I think the Patriots Rynasty has a special place in NFL history in terms of all Rynasties.  Just don't use the argument of the Cap era being HARDER in terms of opportunity for the entire NFL. The math and logic does NOT support your argument.

    Good Day sir! I said.. GOOD DAY!!  
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    Re: Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

    SShoreLurker is holier than thou.  Don't even bother trying to discuss sports with this condescending hypocrite.  You should have seen his posts about the Celtics last year.

    I'll go with Parcells: the Patriots are 6-2

    Hopefully in 3 weeks they'll be 9-2 and not 6-5.  I am, however, mostly still happy with how they've done so far this year.
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    Re: Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

    Tell you what BBReigns, I've had some pretty memorable games that I've been to. I got you beat on the first Patriots game, however.

    1981 Kansas City.  They went 2-14 that year but I happen to go to their 1st win of the year.  How is that not dedication to love your local team in the midst of a bad season as an 8 yr old?

    1984 NYJets.  Ray Berry's first game as head coach.  Meyer was fired after week 8.  No one liked that guy.  Nice comeback by the Patriots to win the game. You could tell then, the Patriots responded to Berry and his hunches. 

    1985 Buffalo.  The game in which Raymond Berry finally pulled that pathetic Tony Eason out with the stadium chanting "Gro-gan!"  The beginning of the 6 game winning streak and Grogan's magic. (Hence your Flea flicker Game) It was wet and the aluminum seats were cold, so most of the stadium just stood the whole time,  but it sure was fun as he ll!

    1993 Miami.  At that time it very well could have been the New England Patriots last game. Kraft had yet to by the team, and rumors were real strong they were going to St. Louis after the Super Bowl. It was damn festive and the best part was, we knocked the Fish out of the playoffs with a come-from-behind OT victory.  We were relentless on the Miami fans in our section. Scott Mitchell choked. Me and my college buddy were on the back side of a 3 day New Years bender.

    1999 @Arizona.  Got tickets for my anniversary(freakin easy to get out there) to watch my first road game.  That was the best tailgating game ever. ASU has some hot college girls who know how to party.  The section we sat in was all Patriot fans and we rocked that stadium louder than the Cardinal fans everywhere else.  Faulk's rookie year and Bledsoe was actually considered an MVP candidate after that game. 6-2 they were.   ended up 8-8 and Carroll fired. 

    Enough of the nostalgia!  I don't need to prove to you who I am or who I root for.  My loyalty goes back plenty.  Respect my knowledge whether you agree with it or not.  You fire shots, I will not relent.  And if you do go all the way back as you say you do, then you know exactly who the Yahoos are I'm referring to!  Kids growing up during Loserville and uber-latching onto the success in the 2000s when they are in college and young adults. They are holding onto their desparate belief that in 2010 all the good year's will magically come back.  I love the Patriots win or lose but I'm not going to be obsessed with ESPN, NBC, or anyone else who "disrespects" the Patriots.  I love football.  I can be objective enough despite my rooting interest. I think this year they are 11-5 and could sneak into the AFC Championship if they get the right match-ups.  HENCE this discussion thread!  I think waaay too many people "disrespected" Cleveland before the game b/c they never took 5 minutes to actually look at it objectively.  This Patriots team is not good enough to blow anyone out.  All you need to do is look at 0-8 Buffalo, Pats won 38-30. Why is that so hard for some to say??

    To me, ignorant chest-thumping is front-runnerism at its apex.   THOSE people need to be called out.  THEY do not represent my kind of fandom. They are more like Homer Trolls.  Doesn't make me less of a Patriot fan.  It makes THEM front-runners.  

    Stop the bullying act. It doesn't wash with me. Show some respect. You'll be surprised by how you are treated in return. 
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    Re: Can the Yahoos come back to Reality?

    OMG BBReigns.. you are truely unreal.    I have 24 screen names.  I root for the Seattle Seahawks and you finally figured me out.   Phew!!   That feels good to say.
    how did you smell that out? I've gone unnoticed for 13 years.  But you.... you caught on like Columbo.  what was it, my choice in name SShoreLurker?  SS= Seattle Seahwks.   hore lurker= i like women.   You are wicked smaht.  

    Ladies and gentleman.. Mr.  B    B   Reigns!!!  you can't out fox this guy.  He is on to you Trolls.