just amazing watching  rexy's role play video with his very MILFY wifey! aleays knew rexy liked putting HIS foot in his mouth but this is a bit ridiculous! i am sure all the players will now like to do some dirty things to those feet of hers too. imagine their thoughts when they see her around in the future? imagine what the players are thinking when rexy is walking around the locker room with their feet exposed or getting foot treatment from the training staff? imagine the taunts rexy will get on the road going forward? BTW, why is it always these "moral" republican/conservative types with all these sick closeted perversions? who leaked that tape? can you imagine bel doing this with his wife? likely won't be his wife if it were to come out, as the lawsuit from his NY days make make clear (what is in the water down there?)

seriously,  rex is in danger of becoming a fossil quickly in this league as both an assistant coach and definitely as a head coach. what did baltimore know and when did they know it? wasnt he in on the ines sanz incident too? this act is getting old esp without super bowl wins. goodell must be getting sik of it, jets ownership, the players and so forth. what moral authority can he possibly have? heck, he makes cromartie almost look like a boy scout!