Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

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    Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    Enough with the Colts hysteria.

    You guys need to relax and stop worrying about the Colts. There is no way in hell that team is going 19-0. The have ZERO running game, one reciever and a mediocre defense.

    In 6 games against Jacksonvile, Miami, San Fran, Houston and Baltimore (a combined winning percentage of .500- with Baltimore being the only winning team) the margin of victory is a whopping total of 19 points. Which is slightly over 3 points per victory. Add in the fact that they are probably getting help from the zebras in most of these wins and the "streak" is pretty underwhelming.  Not to mention what would have been an asskicking by the Pats if they actually had an offensive coordinator. This team could very easily be 7-7

    The other group of 6 wins is around an average of 19 points per win. They are against teams with a combined record 0f 37-47 and includes only two teams with winning records: Denver (8-6) and Arizona (9-5).

    This isn't like 2007 where the Pats were destroying everyone and had a couple of close games against mediocre teams before choking in the Superbowl. The Colts are a mediocre team that a lot of "experts" had doubts about even making the playoffs before the season started. They have benefited from a cupcake schedule and generous officiating calls. They will be exposed in the playoffs like all flawed overachieving teams eventually are.

    Everybody needs to relax. The Colts are NOT going 19-0 Chill out people
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    14-0 = 14 - 0.
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    Reasons why the Colts could go 19 - 0.

    They have home field advantage.  The refs love them.  They never give up.

    Peyton Manning has developed Garcon, Collie as quality receivers.  Dallas Clark is pretty good too.  They've run the ball well in the red zone.  Colts run numbers are down because they simply haven't used the run as a major part of their offense.  Addai is more than capable and Donald Brown is a quality rookie RB.  A lot of Addais yardage come from screen plays.  Offensive line rarely allows Peyton to get hit and provides time for him to make his reads.

    On defense.  Have you heard of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis?  Rookie CB's haven't given up too many big plays.  Besides the Dolphins game, the Colts haven't given up major yards against the rush.

    I'm not saying they can't be beat, but you can't be 14-0 without talent.    

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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    yeah....ummmm. they're undefeated. So, that's good, right?
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    They are unbeaten as of right now. That means they are the best team in football. Some guy who knows more about football than probably 99% of the people on this planet once said "You are what your record says you are." I tend to agree with him, well, because he knows more about the game than you do.

    Will they go 19-0? History and odds tell us no, but as of right now they are SB favorites. That is why people are comparing their teams to the Colts.
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    14-0 does not always equal 14-0. Sometimes numbers lie.

    Garcon and Collie are average recievers. Dallas Clark is a good player but he has been too injury prone to be a consideration. And I disagree with the run theory also. The run numbers are down because they have no running back, not the other way around. Donald Bown is better than Addai. But neither one of them are a game breaker. It's not like Peyton is handing off to Adrian Peterson.

    And I stand by original position on the defense. Without Bob Sanders- it's mediocre. As for the rookie CBs-  Let's see how those rookie corners do against a quality opponent. They already gave up almost 400 yards to Mr. Brady

    You have to look at the strength of schedule when evaluating the Colts. I didn't say they don't have talent. Any team with Peyton Manning is going to at least be competitive. But people are in full panic mode. I'm just saying the Colts aren't that good. They are a decent team. But they have no business being undefeated. People need to relax.

    Yes the Colts could win the Superbowl. Anything is possible. I just don't think it's likely after seeing them for 14 games. They are what they are. An average team that has gotten a lot of breaks and is playing a bit over it's head
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    dafoe -

    As much as we can "rationalize" the Colts record, it still doesn't change the fact they are currently 14 - 0.  Chances are, if the Saints were the team at 14 - 0 and the Colts weren't, would it make any difference?  The undercurrent here is twofold:  #1 - the Pats 16 - 0 regular season record could be matched by a hated rival (to Pats fans); #2 - IF, and a BIG IF, the Colts get to 19 - 0 there will be no rationalization by the press the Colts were lucky many times to get there.  They will have won that FINAL game, which the Pats could not.  That sting will never be soothed until the Pats reach that pinnacle again.  It is what it is.

    I am quite certain in that 2007 season, Colts fans everywhere felt the same as you do and had fingers crossed for a Pats loss. 
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    It is what it is.  You would expect an undefeated team to be more dominating in it's victories over bad teams, but you can't discount them.  Even when they have played bad they have been good enough to beat thier opponents.  I'll admit if they play the way they did against Miami or Tenn against a really good team they will not win, but they have the ability to play great against great teams also. 

    No matter how this season ends it will be remembered for how they do in the post season, and only one team can go undefeated in the Playoffs.
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    They have got to be the only 14-0 team flying under the radar. Who cares if they runt eh table before losing in the playoffs? Predicting a loss there is tantamont to saying that the People's Republic of Massachusetts will elect ANOTHER dem libbie to replace Teddy Bridge Misser.

    If you have nothing better to do than whine about the Colts' run to perfection, then I profess that you need an interdiction..... FAST!

    How soon you forget that in '07 the Pats had to have some luck and "questionable calls" go their way towards going 18-0. Turns out that the key play keeping them from perfection was something that they usually got the benefit of during their 18-0 run. "If Samuel had intercepted that pass..... If Tyree's helmet wasn't loaded with stick 'em..... if the ref called Eli "in the grasp" before he escaped to throw the "Earhole Pass....".  This is all Yesterday's News, and it's time to let it go.

    I can't stand the Colts, especially when they are network darlings on Sunday. But, one thing you can't take from them is that they are finding ways to win. THAT'S somethign I can admire, as I remember the the patriots once had this capability.  But, guess what? When they lose, and they WILL lose, it won't be a big thing, because the national media will be quick to point out the obvious: they were lucky all season. They caught breaks, but them Lady Luck abandoned them. When they do that, will it make you feel any better? Will it give you that "See? I told you so!" attitude?

    As Mom told me long ago: Don't worry about teh other guy. You hyave a full time job worying about yourself.

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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    If there's one team, other than the Pats, that I'd like to see go 19-0 it'd be the Colts. I'm sure they'll have just as hard a time as the Pats had two years ago, but it would sure make for great TV. And I can't wait to see the Pats play the unbeaten Colts in the playoffs. Pats vs Colts = best football, win or lose
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    Who cares if they go 19-0.  Whatever they do this year does not diminish one iota what the Patriots did in 2007 anymore than the undefeated season by the Dolphins in no way diminishes the 18-1 record of the Patriots.  The Colts might go undefeated because they will play at home and they are tough to beat indoors.  The schedule makers helped them out too, having the Patriots and Jets play them in Indianapolis and Buffalo early.  They have avoided the tough teams outdoors in the winter.  Must be purely an accident.  the Colts are very good but they are not the best team in the league (there are at least three teams that are better--the Patriots are not one of them), but I do not care if they do go undefeated because it does not mean that the Patriot season of 2007 was any less meritorious.
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    hate to say it but I think RR is gonna give Peyton more than he can handle with defense. I know the Jets offense won't win the game for him. but the defense could. The Colts may get to the playoffs undefeated, but they won't make it to the SB.
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    Re: Can we put the Colts' record into perspective?

    It is sickening to think that the Colts might go 19-0.  It is an absolute joke to compare this team and the 07 Patriots team.  Colts have gotten to 14-0 by winning 7-8 really close games. They might have lost 4-5 games. When the Patriots were tearing it up, we destroyed almost everyone. This Colts team is nowhere as good as  that Pats team.  There is not nearly as enough pressure on the Colts as there was on the Pats. That team was special despite what happened in the SB, the Colts are not.

    Sadly all that doesnt mean much now, because we didnt win the SB in 07. It is what it is, what can we do? The good thing is that we might play them again and this might be the chance to knock them off.