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Can't wait until Week 1, 2009.

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    Can't wait until Week 1, 2009.

    Watch the "Brady Bunch" highlights on youtube below, and try to tell me that you're not just sick by the thought of absolutely no Tom Brady this season.

    I know we'll root for the Pats anyway, and this season (especially after this week's results) is completely up in the air, but in my opinion Tom Brady and our offense, as well as the dynamic affect they would have had on our defense, would have completely crushed this year.

    The video will remind you of just how ridiculous Tom really is and what he meant to not only the Pats but the rest of the league. To me this entire NFL season deserves an asterisk because of the way the Pats offense would have affected everything. The fact that Brady is gone has instilled confidence in so many teams that would not have thought they could have competed.

    This season is not normal without Tom. It's more about the opportunities that everyone else now has because Tom is out. We would have dominated and the rest of the league has caught a serious break. No wonder so many people cheered his injury. It suddenly legitimized everyone else's team's chances.


    ...still trying to deal....

    Enjoy... and good luck accepting the fact that we're only in Week 4...
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    Can't wait until Week 1, 2009.

    Living in the past is no way to go through life. We're 2 - 1, and the last time I checked we still had quality pro-bowlers, and depth at almost every position. Lets deal with our reality and try to overcome. Fans like you are woosies.
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    Re: Can't wait until Week 1, 2009.