Cardinals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

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    Re: Cardinals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    In response to anonymis's comment:
    how does coaching get a generous C: game plan, offensive play calling, defensive play calling, and halftime changes, coaching during game: C, F, B, F, F...
    so, overall mebbe a D?

    RESPONSE: I gave the coaching a "C-", not a "C". Got to give BB and DC Matt Patricia  some credit for a defense that held the Cards "O" down pretty well...and held Larry Fitzgerald to just one catch, for a measley 4 yards.  


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    Re: Cardinals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    In response to patsfan76's comment:

    WOw, did anyone stop to think Brady n' the offense may be struggling due to Bradys binkie Wes NOT BEING ON THE FIELD and most likely not in the gameplan and after 81 went out, they had to scramble on what to do. Its obvious they are going away from the Wes offense but there will be growing pains with things like that.

     Noone seems to question why B.B. is sitting a guy he just paid 9mill. Paid 6 mill to Chad last year in a waste that brought nothing to the team. Lloyd is ok, but not special, but Joshy wants to get him the ball.

     If Brady RAN the offense, Crusty! He would have Wes out on the field and be calling his number. I mean thats his best friend and fav. WR so why is Tom going to Julian 1st play???  because thats who B.B. wants in there. Stop taking up issues with players and admit B.B. is still making questionable decisions despite being a superior coach then most.

    RESPONSE: My guess is that there's something going on with Welker, and the coaching staff. Wes iisn't happy about his contract situation, and BB isn't happy with his attitude. As I mentioned in my report card, it's time for Wes and the coaches to start acting like adults...set aside their differences, and get the job done.

         For those of you who didn't that RG Brian Waters would be missed...what do you think now? The Pats' OL currently stinks. The Pats are going nowhere until that problem gets resolved.    





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    Re: Cardinals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Nice report card Texas. You give the Defense the credit that they deserve, they played very well once again and it looks like they may carry the team this season.  The offense was horrible, especially the line. 

    Thanks for the report card

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    Re: Cardinals @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    I was so bummed by that loss that I couldn't visit this site all week. Mostly agree with your assessment but wanted to point out that BB rarely seems to get his challenges right. That lost TO would have cost us the game were it not for the late fumble. As for the Ghost, he's been around for a few years now but I can't remember when he's been in a clutch situation like the one sunday. Hopefully that was a case of a rare miss and not a question of "the yips"!