Carter + Anderson = Freedom

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    Carter + Anderson = Freedom

    The Pats need to resign both Carter and Anderson, Carter still plays at a high level even at age 32 and Mark Anderson is in the top 8 in the AFC with 5.5 sacks on the year. I dont think either will come with a high price tag and for they are the anwser to the pass rush. They must spend to resign Welker and I believe they would still have some be able to sign a few key free agents. 

    Jim Leonard of the Jets could be signed to fill in oppisite of Chung. Chung would play more in the box and Leonard a good cover saftey and usually always in the right spot at the right time as well. Over the past few seasons we have seen BB sign lots of Jets players including Ellis, Woodhead, and Ihebidgo. If the pats resign those three playes and find a true FS that can hold his own It gives them complete FREEDOM in the draft.

    They can take the best 2 players available in the draft. If it Worthy or Floyd that drop the Pats have FREEDOM and can take the best player. Or take a need like a ILB and a DE like the Giants did, take the best pass rush DE and give them a year of practice and sub in. A lot of you know the money and draft better than I do but I was just thinking about this sitting in class this morning.
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    Re: Carter + Anderson = Freedom

    I'm still into this year.  Next year can happen AFTER we see our guys hoisting the Lombardi.