Cary Williams

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    Cary Williams

    So Cary Williams has established himself as a yappy chihuahua who can't let his play do the talking. Instead, he needs to go the cheap shot route to demand respect. Aaron Dobson was the target last year... but the Patriots are easing him back in and I doubt they will let them anywhere near each other.

    The question is, who is Cary going to target this time?

    Which rookie WR do you think he's going to cheap shot? Which rookie do you wish he would try to start something with?

    I'll say this... whoever Cary goes after, I hope Grop lays him out for it. Timing kind of sucks, as with Mallett out, it would mean more snaps for Brady in practice if Grop were to get sent home. But instant respect for the rookie QB from his peers - if he already didnt earn any.

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    Re: Cary Williams

    I'm not sure we want our QBs getting into brawls, I'd rather see someone like Develin take care of that. 

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    Re: Cary Williams

    Hard to believe he won't pay in someway
    Pat's Fan lost in Jet Land

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    Re: Cary Williams