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Cassel for Peppers?

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    Cassel for Peppers?

    I may be totally wrong, but I think the market for Cassel is bigger than most think. I have a feeling the Pats are going to get a major deal for this QB starving league. In other words, the Pats might just get much more than Peppers and a few picks.
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    Cassel for Peppers?

    Julius Peppers would be nice but I don’t think BB wants what would be a big money player. I think the organization would prefer a mid first round pick somewhere around10 thru 18. Draft a pass rushing DE and lock them up for 5 years. We already have a lot of money invested in AT and RS plus we are going to have to pay VW a lot of money if we want to keep him. Just my thought.

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    Cassel for Peppers?

    Pats really need a pass rushing line backer butI'd take anyone who can get consistant pressure, sack the qb and be a disruptive force on D. Is Justin Tuck available - what about Osi?

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    Cassel for Peppers?

    I don't think this trade is possible because Peppers would command a huge deal, and I'm sure the Pats don't want to do that. They need the money to resign Seymour,Wilfork and Mankins. I think we will get a nice haul of picks from a qb hungry team. GO PATS!
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    Cassel for Peppers?

    Remember if they do a trade Cassel's $14 million comes off the books. They'd certainly have the cap room. In another thread I threw out the idea of Cassel for Peppers and Richard Marshall. All of this would be contingent on Peppers being able to convert to a 3-4, which he has stated he wants to do. But I think Julius is a FA, so the Panthers would have to tag him to be able to trade. I think a more likely scenario is trade Cassel somewhere else and look at Peppers as a FA (if he's not tagged).
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    Cassel for Peppers?

    the only way this would work is if the patriots traded Cassell and Seymore to Carolina... for a first second and a third

    essentially this is what we would need to do to fit Peppers into the picture for the future

    only trouble is... Peppers is seeking a 3-4 team because he wants to be moved to OLB...

    if that is the case this would only work for situational football purposes

    My vision would be a 2-5 with interchangaeble ends... this would work because we could basically rely on Thomas and Peppers to be our handas down end on either side... even Vrabel for that matter... it would involve a elephant type position i.e. peter carrols old JET defense

    i think this style would make us more elusive than in the past schematically... but it would make us vulnerable on running downs... basically Peppers would be our strong side end only he would stand up on the strong side and either jam the TE/OT gap or rush... if he was on thomas's side the tackle would nto know what to do... more than likely the QB would have to audable and send help to that side... which leaves the opposite side OLB straight up on the tackle with no help... i like the odds with this style

    it is great that this DE could easily become a 4-3 or a 5-2 when it is needed

    just adds to the trickery