Cassel is coming along

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    Cassel is coming along

    Matt Cassel and his Chiefs shocked the world today. Last year, one of his worst games was against Pittsburgh and today he got some payback. He has come a long way, Congrats Matt!

    Game ball

    WR Chris Chambers was discarded by the Chargers in early November, but he has made a big impression with the Chiefs. He caught a pass from Matt Cassel and took it 61-yards to set up Succop's winning kick. Chambers finished with four grabs for 119 yards.

    Key Stat

    The Steelers dominated in nearly every offensive category, but this game turned on the mistakes made at quarterback. Cassel did not throw an interception, while Ben Roethlisberger had two.

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    Re: Cassel is coming along

    I miss Matt.  Hope he gets it together there.