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CBA-Some Issues that may cut Players Salaries and protect Owners

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    CBA-Some Issues that may cut Players Salaries and protect Owners

    Here are a few things some attorney friends of mine have thrown around that I have not seen discussed as yet.

    With many player contracts now built heavy with the incentive clauses and the owners wanting to tone down the guarenteed money, the 18 game season would be a very big win for the owners in certain ways.
    The extra games first mean extra revenue for the team owners no matter which players are on the field. That being said, you have key players costing you the most in payroll and if hurt, will reduce the pay structure of the contract and save owners huge money.
    Now before anyone gets mad here remember this, clearly not every team goes to the Super Bowl, and not every team gets to the playoffs, but look at this from the Business Owner Perspective. Your goal is not to make the Super Bowl, its to entertain the crowd and to make money. If you are the owner of the Detroit Lions and you dont make the Super Bowl or playoffs but you still have a high payroll what would benifit you as the owner?  Injuries to a team player high on payroll save you money when that player cannot reach the incentives structured into his contract, and if yo uhave 5 or up to 10 players injured, think of the savings that reduce your cost and inflate your profit margin.

    Remember this, this is a business first, middle and last. As an owner you put the best product out there that you can get, or actually do you? No this does not mean owners are trying to get their star plaers hurt, but if it does happen then in actual terms, who benifits?    If the season goes to 18 games, the owners benifit both by additional revenue and by injuries to players in way of salaries.

    Players are foolish first for all not wearing the new protective helmets that are not mandatory, (again owners if they really wanted to would enforce this issue to players) and second if they do go to the 18 game system, how many will become like Randy Moss and not put their best efforts into every play.

    Predictions? I think if the NFL goes to the 18 game system you will see many players on non playoff teams giving less effort on many games, this could become the new NBA.
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    Re: CBA-Some Issues that may cut Players Salaries and protect Owners

    Good players fill the seats.  Owners certainly want to limit their labor costs, but I think they also realize that having good players on the field is what gets the fans to pay for tickets. If they didn't need good players, they'd hire cheap bad ones right from the beginning--not hire expensive good ones and hope they got injured!

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    Re: CBA-Some Issues that may cut Players Salaries and protect Owners

    The issue for me is does an 18 game season mean expansion of the roster and does this dilute the talent till we come to a point where arena league players and CFL players are finding homes and salaries on NFL rosters. If this happens then an 18 game season could affect the quality of play on the field. The old incentive thing works in the NHL and MLB if the incentives are tied to games played at the pro-level. For example, 4 years ago (i think) Pegnuins current all-star Marc Andre Fleury was sent down to the minors a single game before he was entitled to grab a GP/Roster bonus. Keep in mind this was before SId the Kid came to town and the Pens started making money. Nearly all agents will want the most money up front; that definitely won't change. It could easily effect small market teams in a very negative way.

    Keep in mind some players will flat out say "You want me to play more games, then pay me more money". Namely star players. 2 more games means two more chances at a career-ending injury. Translation fewer incentive laden contracts.