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Please review the Pats cap situation, thier own free agents and see how they cannot afford these players


NE can dictate the salaries, RKrap. You don't seem to get markets. If a 32 year old player who has made all his money and played on crappy teams his whole career wants to play for NE, then that means BB has the leverage.


This happens every year. It depends on our needs and what the player wants. I say this every year, that BB will play the market, watch for camp cuts and add in the cuts into the supply and demand of the other players.

That's why these agents reaally would prefer their FAs to be signed before the draft, not after.

NE wouldn't take on his salary either. We have no idea what BB would offer if either DRC or Aso are cut.  It's all about supply/demand, but if a player like Asomougha wants to play in NE or Talib wants to stay in NE and realizes the total package for what it is, then of course NE can budget for that kind of a player.

This is what I mean about you not getting why it's so important to have leverage as a GM. You seem to applaud the teams with no leverage like the Jets, and then act like BB doesn't have it. LOL

Andy Reid and Howard Roseman sunk themselves with their spending spree TWO years ago and the stupid Vick contract which put themselves in this position. I ran off an Eagles troll here predicting their knee jerk moves, like the Jets', wouldn't work.

Now you can see how creating that leverage by BB, helps the PAts. If you OVERPAY in the market, make 1 or 2 bad moves with big money tied to it, these moves add up and put you behind the 8 ball.

It's fascintating watching you not get this stuff. Still!


You can name drop people you casually know at ESPN all day long, but no one cares because it doesn't somehow make you intelligent on these topics.   You've proven you just don't get it.



I just don't understand how Philly can cut an underperforming 32 year old player and in a matter of minutes create 11 million in cap room...salary cap hell shouldn't allow this, correct??



Are you claiming them needing to cut possibly both Aso and DRC, amongst others, that they are not in a bad cap spot?




Yes, let's cut our two best elite CBs, desperately sign a crappy 32 year old QB because no one else wants him, and pretend poor cap management off the lockout is not the reasons why these moves from a point of weakend leverage, are good.


Gee, Mt Hurl, it's you and RKrap, neck and neck for the cap guru moron award.


The Eagles are $25 million UNDER the cap with Aso on the books at $15mil. (DRC is a free agent)


Vick was slated to make $15mil. The Eagles resigned him for $3.5 million for 1 year.

How is that not genius?? How are the Eagles in Salary cap hell with $25 million available??


its not genius. the vick move is a cap friendly move, but he wasnt worth $15 mil, and he may not even be worth $3.5 mil based on his recent performances.


the eagles may not be in "cap hell", but if they dont improve their players on the o-line and d-line, their fans will be in "fan hell".