Chandler Jones, Andre Tippett and Martial Arts

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    Chandler Jones, Andre Tippett and Martial Arts

    Just read article below on and it reminded me of how Andre Tippett has said many times that knowing martial arts helped his game and hand combat battles. I also recall a story about how BB knew about this during his days with the browns and brought in a martial arts teacher to work with some of the players on his team at the time. No wonder he wanted Jones so much!

    "Offensive tackles who know Chandler Jones' background will have little interest in engaging in hand-to-hand combat. The defensive end from Syracuse does mixed martial arts training with his brother, who happens to be UFC superstar Jon "Bones" Jones. "Some flying knees, punching, elbowing, throwing everything I can," Chandler Jones told The Journal Sentinel about workouts with Jon. And if he wants to learn how to put those skills to good use on the field, he can turn to another brother, Art, who is a defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. That football pedigree is certainly playing in Chandler Jones' favor as he attempts to work his way into the first round of this year's draft. "The way I was taught to play football, I was
    told there was a target I had to hit every snap," Jones told the paper. "Looking at the target out of snap, my hands were a lot more fast. I was on that target before I could even think about being that fast. My hands got lightning fast and I'm excited to see them get even better." Jones was a highly-touted recruit, and was a third-team All-Big East selection as a redshirt sophomore. He built on that with second team honors in 2010 and first team last season, despite missing five games with a knee injury. Having watched Art's draft stock plummet due to a knee injury before the 2010 draft, Chandler Jones opted to leave Syracuse with a year of eligibility remaining. He has just 10 sacks in 33 career games, but he is considered a good run defender, has good initial quickness and does a nice job of anticipating the snap count. As you'd expect from someone with martial arts training, Jones is a physical defender who competes through the whistle on every snap. He projects best as a left defensive end in the 4-3 alignment. With added size and strength he could also become a very solid defensive end in the 3-4 scheme. His size, strength and scheme versatility should result in a top 75 selection but his lack of elite pass rush traits limit how high he'll go. Despite lacking elite pass rushing skills, Jones' stock has been steadily rising during the pre-draft process." --Derek Harper
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    Re: Chandler Jones, Andre Tippett and Martial Arts

    If this kid is even half as athletic as his Brother Bones Jones is then Chandler is going to be pretty fun to watch.