It's bound to happen and the crying starts.

Bruschi retires, Seymour traded, Cassel goes, Harrison retires, AS let go ...  change happens and for some fans it is a bitter pill.  A lot of knee jerk reactions calling for BB's head claiming he has "lost his touch".  Far from it.  Every year we scratch our heads at some of the moves he makes, yet, we have a team that every year is at or near the top of the favorites list to win the SB.  All this on BB's watch!

I remember very clearly after the 2008 preseason, how many posts were made calling for Cassel's head and why the team kept him after such a dismal showing.  Then he becomes a darling of the fans and many thought he should have been kept this year.  Every year the face of the team changes and change is tough to take, especially with fan favorites, which makes it all the more difficult to swallow.  But. look where these changes take us, an improved team and another shot at the SB.  How many fans outside NE, even when they hate the Pats, would be more than happy to trade for the Pats legacy this decade for what their team has achieved.  Everyone hates the winner when it is not them.