Chargers @ Patriots REPORT CARD

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    Re: Chargers @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    In Response to Re: Chargers @ Patriots REPORT CARD:
    In Response to Re: Chargers @ Patriots REPORT CARD :      Again...O'Brien (OB) is not the head coach. BB is. Though OB certainly has some input on the game plan, in the end, BB decides on how to proceed. Smash-mouth football is no longer in vogue. If Rex Ryan can force the Patriots to go away from what they do order to attempt to eat up clock and keep the "D' off the field, he's won. He has the Patriots' playing not to lose. He will have  succeeded in shortening the game, allowing his ball controlled orientated offense to play their game.      Wouldn't it be far better to smoke the Jets, as the Pats did in their 45-3 win? Score early and often, and force the Jets to get out of their ball control mind-set? In other words, make Mark Sanchez beat them. Isn't it always better to dictate the terms of how the game is going to be played...and for a team to play to it's strengths?       Against the Ravens in the 2009 playoff loss, Baltimore was simply the better, more physical team. But, in last years' loss against the Jets, the Patriots failed to failed to execute early...and let the Jets dictate the terms of the game. If you let the Jets get up on you early, they can play their ball-control style of play, where Sanchez can manage the game.       I'd much rather see the Patriots attack them aggressively...and force them to play catch-up. I'll take Brady over Sanchez any day of the week.       
    Posted by TexasPat3

    First off I know who's in charge of the game plan...the offensive coordinator isn't a schill either...

    Secondly, of coarse it would better to play our game play from ahead but in two of the three games we played the Jet's we didn't get up big and we lost the game! The playoff game we never tried to change our approach which wasn't working! I am not talkin about reverting to smash mouth or changing who we are...What I am suggesting is that if we're faced with a team that has taken away our passing game, by using the Rex Ryan 2007 Ravens blue print...

    Which is predicated on having the right personnel...Corners that are able to play press/man coverages with the front seven having the ability to colapse the pocket getting interior push making Brady move laterally and continue to pressure him with a combination of zone blitzes with their safties and linebackers then it's time to change our approach. If they're getting pressure, that means we have breakdowns in our protection or our recievers are covered...

    If our original game plan isn't working and they're getting pressure on Brady. That is when I want to see us make in game adjustment to the game plan and runs plays that we do better then they can defend...Sometimes that means instead of using three receiver sets with Welker in the slot he's replaced by Hernandez...Lets see Revis play press on him...
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