Chill Out

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    Chill Out

    Pats will win the Division and have one of the top 3 records in the AFC----Just hope Bit_hburg can win their Division therefore making Baltimore a wildcard--- so Pats get the 2 seed,( 1st tiebreaker being  head to head),---because I see Houston as the 1 seed---pretty easy Division?  On a side note I think Ravens defense has slipped-----you can pass against them--and I personally think the Pats outplayed them---if it weren't for the fake refs giving them extra possesions and taking possesions away from the Pats it would have been a 10 point win by the Patriots.

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    Re: Chill Out

    yes, the Pats will likely win their division...but many pundits think the AFC East is pretty weak.

    Pats will have to take advantage of that thought and win all their division games; which is always tough to do.

    In addition, even if they do go on a winning streak for the rest of the season, it might not make a difference unless BB and the rest of their coaches find out how to prepare the team to play against teams like the Giants and Cardinals or those that match up well against the makeup of this team.

    This is a finesse team; which doesn't typically bode well in the playoffs.