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    Re: CHILL PEOPLE!!!!!

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    In Response to Re: CHILL PEOPLE!!!!! : You are doing exactly the same thing you criticized others for doing. That makes you a HYPOCRITE! Did I spell every word correctly?
    Posted by tartarus12

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    Re: CHILL PEOPLE!!!!!

    things will looks a lot brighter when jermawn crableham gets back out onto the field
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    Re: CHILL PEOPLE!!!!!

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    Oh, boy . . .  Grammar Police. I want to play. I love this game. "Rational" is not a noun, Stomper.
    Posted by p-mike

    Opps, sorry, I mean who is Stommper?
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    Re: CHILL PEOPLE!!!!!

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    Y duz da way u spell smthng on a msg brd mata??? Lol. If that bothers you please never go on facebook or twitter. But I'm siding with Russ here that there are PLENTY of people who come on here routinely who don't know a lick about football other than the obvious. Touchdown:6 pts, Field Goal:3pts.. Offsides: 5 yd penalty, etc. Now i'm no genius trust me (might've even spelled it wrong) but I think I got a pretty good idea what a BB 3-4 defense is suppose to look like. Granted it takes time to get all the right pieces in place, but this years D, including the loss of Ty Warren, is already a better D than last years. Whether it was shown or not during the preseason, with the pieces we've added your not going to run on this D like in previous years & your not going to kill us deep. You can march the ball up the field all you want but this team and the players we have available, will buckle down in the short field like the D of the dynasty days. If one or two of the young players emerge into a playmaker you might begin to really compare the two defenses.  Here are a few names of POTENTIAL PLAYMAKERS this season: Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes, Patrick Chung, Brandon Merriweather, Devin McCourty, and maybe (but i doubt it) Cunningham.  With a few SOLID veterans already in place with Wilfork, Bodden, and TBC. Realize no mention of the " decent " players such as Butler, Wright, Sanders, McGowan, Guyton and McKenzie. I understand its one thing to sip the kool-Aid, but its another to just be flat out negative. Realize these are still the Patriots coached under Bill B. in a league where its any given Sunday. & This team has a chance EVERY Sunday no matter who we face. That alone makes the Pats superbowl contenders year in & year out in my book.
    Posted by 617AcrossDaBoard

    You know as much of a troll as I am, I do agree with a lot of what you said. I just don't like it when people go off of blind faith. They had a bad game the other night, I certainly can live with that, but I'm sick of people saying that this D is all set because of a couple of decent preseason games earlier this summer.
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    Re: CHILL PEOPLE!!!!!

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    Mt. Hurl = Low IQ
    Posted by russgriswold

    Oh come on Russ, you don't mean that, do you? Really? That's all you can come up with?

    How about this? After you get done tasting what Jonathan Kraft had for dinner, you can stand in the Pats locker room after the game passing out towels and stuff, maybe go around asking if the guys have enough tape etc...Then you can maybe see if anyone in the room can explain to you why we couldn't get the other team off the field so the best QB in the game could win it for us.