The more I read this man's articles and posts the more I realize not only is he far from a New England fan but he is also a panderer to the players he interviews! I know there hasnt been a lot of losing going on in recent years involving the Pats so I understand wanting to dig deep to understand the problems we are facing right now. I dont understand how every article has to be demeaning to the organization and every quote is a negative one from, as he puts it, a player "not drinking the kool aid". We (Pats organization and fans) have always been the model for other teams and fans alike to look up to. Whether it brings positive or negative attention upon us is for the national media and/or fans of other teams to decide NOT the local media that derives its entire opportunity to work and recieve the interviews, stories, and breaking news bits to cast the negative aura over us! I dont subscribe to the Globe in Florida because I want to read articles that make my team look terrible or only portrays the weekly news about them in a negative light. Gasper, if you are reading this, you have alot to learn about the New England area and its fans. We like to be the pessimistic ones! The paper is our route to, AT WORST, false hope! Your pieces are like reading from the New York Post or Miami Herald. I hope the Editor of this sports section removes you from this position and retrains you.

Does anyone else agree???