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Chris Gasper

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    Chris Gasper

    After this weeks column, anyone here still think Gasper doesn't know what the hell he's talking about? He catches a fair amount of grief on BDC - whether you admit it or not we've got problems. And they're not all Chad Ochocinco's fault. 
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    Re: Chris Gasper

    In Response to Re: Chris Gasper:
    I am confused. He has NO IDEA what he's talking about, actually. The question is, will he admit he was wrong, along with Felger, Mazz, etc. Maybe I misunderstood your post.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    I don't believe he's wrong. I've watched with interest the amount of criticism he receives here. The comments on his column were the most support I've seen given. I can't speak for Felger, Mazz, etc., I can tell you it was refreshing to see someone who took a chance and point out some of the problems this teams has. 
    When you look back over the past several weeks, the Patriots' have regressed significantly. I'm not left with a lot of confidence after the mess in Pittsburgh and tonight's results.
    Don't get the impression I highlighted Gasper because I'm a fan, I'm ambivalent as far as that's concerned. What bothers me is where this team is going and he backed up his beliefs with facts.