Clay Mathews

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    Pats could've had Mathews. Don't worry because they don't need him. Who needs  Clay Mathews when you have the intimidators like Tully Banta Cain and Rob Ninkovic!
    Posted by Spetznaz24

    Sorry, but these kinds of posts are meaningless. Every team in the league passed on Brady. I guess a Bills fan could sit here and say "Bills could've had Brady", but what's it matter? Mathews wasn't even the highest rated LB in that draft, yet he is playing better than everyone.

    Can't predict everything.
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    Re: Clay Mathews

    Ive been talking about this since we passed on him. I love Spikes and think he'll be a game changer for us , but we also could of had Laurenaitis ...  Laurenaitis/Matthews in one draft ... we would have been so much farther ahead of the game ...
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    Re: Clay Mathews

    I think Laurenaitis is an every-play guy like Mayo. Just a solid all-around game. But Spikes is the type of guy who will stop a back in his tracks in the backfield. He gets his hands dirty with some hits that you can't see in TV.
    I do agree with the analysis of Clay Matthews. While I've been an advocate of his pass rushing ability, it was pretty obvious that the Steelers were running the ball right at him (off tackle to the right), and were rather successful. Bill likes bigger OLB's. In fact, his OLB's have been bigger than his ILB's. He seems to like having one quicker, athletic ILB (Mayo, Bruschi), one hitter (Spikes, Johnson, Cox, Phifer) and a few big guys who can push the pocket and set the edge at OLB (Vrabel, Cunningham, Willie McG). Clay doesn't fit that mold.
    I agree with MVP's analysis on Cunningham. He plays the run pretty well, and his pass rushing skills are slightly underrated. He always seemed to be just about to make a play whenever he was coming off the edge. I think he'll have more freedom to do so this coming fall, and we'll see a guy who answers our pass rush needs. I think he was easily our most underrated rookie this year (which is easy when everyone is raving over McCourty, Gronkowski and Hernandez). It is my true belief that if he remains healthy next year, he'll have more than 8-9 sacks. He's just too big and explosive to not reach that.