Clay Matthews Could Be Our OLB

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    Re: Clay Matthews Could Be Our OLB

    It's true, drafting would be a lot easier if you could just wait and see who can actually compete in the league and who is just a stuffed jersey . . .  we could all be general managers and make obscene gobs of money and win the Super Bowl every year.

    Here's a fun fact, while we're playing, Oh, But What Might Have Been . . .

    The quarterback the Pats actually wanted in the sixth round in the 2000 draft was Tim Rattay.
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    Re: Clay Matthews Could Be Our OLB

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    Did anyone catch Brace on the sidelines in the baseball cap...Now I know you cant expect all 4 2nd rounders to work out..but how this guy cant get on the field is beyond me.....Pryor on the other hand is a beast,,and we would have no push if not for him...I think with some solid drafting next April and a little change to the scheme we could have some nice pieces on our D-Line....I will say J.Green is gone...We know we got Ty..dont know about Vince..M.Wright will be here along with Pryor, Brace?? maybe  some free agent pick up...We will need another backer to replace A.D.D  and please dont even tease us with this Crable guy again ..I'm tired of lookin at Mr.Stilts on the sideline...just cut ur losses with this dude and save face,  Did we resign Woods n Alexander..oh ok.....Why???  I like the future of our safeties,and Chung and Meriweather will still be the best tandem in 2 years..I beleive that...but besides Butler we have nothing at Cb...I dont like Wilhite or Wheatley but believe Wilhite could develop into a nickel back, but I see nothing in Wheatley and Bodden is goin to cash in and not be here...So is Springs still gonna be here for the remaining 2 years..cuz if he cant see the field now...why would he get playing time next year  or after cuz he aint getting no younger ...So thats a waste of 3 million for a player who seemed to be playing better than the CB they have starting now and after 5 games hasnt sniffed the when Bodden went out with injury we only had 3 CB's dressed?? and Chung had to play nickel...So they have more confidence in a rookie safety to cover recievers than a 2nd year 2nd rd CB(wheatley) and they both play special teams?!?!  Sum ting wong....Hows my
    Posted by patsfan76

    It shows the Patriots defense has many holes to fill for next season.