Coach Belichick Worried About Extra Draft Picks?

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    Re: Coach Belichick Worried About Extra Draft Picks?

    I'm pretty sure the Pats will trade up a few slots. 

    I look at the Patriots as having the best scouting and drafting organization in the NFL.  They may have slipped a bit with the loss of Scott Pioli three months ago, but they're still a well-tuned machine. 

    Part of the drafting business is recognizing true bargains (done!) and then grabbing them at the optimal bargain point, not too greedy, not too wet-pants.  Sometimes that means trading up when an incredible big fat (Ty Warren isn't that fat, but he's big) bargain is hanging there.  Sometimes, as with the Patriots' #7 last year, nothing is a bargain, but another team has a half-tempting offer on the table.  That means taking the other team's trade offer and trading down, settling for Mayo and change.  Or, occasionally the big fat bargain falls right in the Patriots' lap (Vince Wilfork).

    This year, the Patriots come into the season with an awesome number of good players already on the roster, and 11 draft picks.  On August 31 the rest of the league will snap up any Patriots castoffs who aren't total projects, so 11 picks aren't too useful.  The war room is under pressure this year to either combine picks and trade up a few slots, or to trade picks into 2010.  I love how they've already pre-positioned all the second and third rounders 10 slots apart, but when draft day comes the war room will see two bargains hanging at one point and will use its muscle to grab both of them.


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    Re: Coach Belichick Worried About Extra Draft Picks?

    I have to agree that the pats wont trade actually thinking they ethier trade no.23,or trade out of it.unless there is a huge name sitting there.
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    its nice to have flexability.
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    Re: Coach Belichick Worried About Extra Draft Picks?

    Moss, nice pick up on the Jimmy Johnson article.  Certainly confirms my thoughts - they don't have room for nearly all those players and it'll still eat into the cap.  On the other hand, if you consider the past few years, this number is like having almost twice as much opportunity to improve the team as normal. 

    I'm going to think optimistically they'll select 7 or 8 guys and trade the rest for some sort of value.  I don't see any way our #1 goes but if they could somehow package a second rounder and two threes and pick up a first round pick or trade for player that really solves the problem.  My darkhorse scenario is Seymour traded to the Panthers for Peppers and we select another 5 technique in the first round.  I realize it's an outside shot but you've got to think we're going to come away with a better team and reduced cap by doing so.

    If they come out of this draft with four impact players it is going to help the team A LOT over the course of the next decade.  You just can't discount how important this very draft is to the future of this team.  I'm sorry Pioli won't be here for it but at least there will be no argument about it - the guys they pick with be Belichick guys.