Coaching observation

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    Coaching observation

    Parcells + belichick = superbowl titles

    Parcells - Belichick = 0 superbowl titles

    Belichick + Romeo + Weis = 3 Superbowl titles

    Belichick - Romeo - Weis = 0 Superbowl titles

    Seems like a pattern, Pat's need both of these coordinators back like 911. They were all on the same page in every aspect. Pat's cant get over the hump, they seem to be missing something, yeah "Coaching".

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    Re: Coaching observation

    I disagree. In 2007 the Pats set all kinds of offensive records, and came within a minute of being 19-0. Romeo and Weiss both failed in their pursuits as head coaches, so what does that say for their ability? Anyone can take a talented team and make winners out of them. A coaches true ability comes through in situtations like Romeo had in Cleveland where he could not build a team from the bottom up.
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    Re: Coaching observation

    I disagree .. Every coordinator doesn't make a good head coach, some coaches excel at what they are and do best as coordinator's. Example Look at Dick LeBeau he is a defensive genius as a coordinator, but had little success as a Head coach. Everybody is not head Coach material. Just because Weis and Romeo failed as Head Coaches doesn't mean that they aren't good coordinators  Pat's have 3 rings under their teachings..... They got their shot as Head coaches, because they were good Coordinators.....
    You must of forgot Pat's won 3 Superbowl with a less talented Offense as the 2007 team, with great playcalling and a balanced Attack. The defensive schemes were off the charts then. Pats excelled from great coaching collectively...