Why are so many coaches out of the Belichick coaching tree such bad managers? I mean, Mangini goes to Cleveland and acts like a complete dictator (he also acted like one in New York after spending only one year as a D-Coordinator). Also, McDaniels goes out and benches Brandon Marshall only for being late for a physical therapy session. I know accountability is important, and you do not want the "prisoners running the asylum", but if you are Denver, you are already without Eddie Royal, trying to clinch a playoff berth. These guys do not have the cache to act "Belichickian" (for lack of a better term) when they have not accomplished what Bill Belichick has accomplished (I know these guys were on his staff when they won Super Bowls, but they had minor roles, unlike Belichick, who came in having won multiple super bowls as a D-Coordinator with the Giants).