What's missing from this team is good old chemistry. You don't have playmakers here on Defense, and the lack of a true pass rush is leaving a young secondary to get completely torched! Teams watch film just like the Pats do, and this is the first thing that they see and will game-plan as such until they get stopped. Add in the fact that they cannot sustain a running game with any consistency to go play action and allow receivers to get more open, and what you have is disaster. These are the Pro's Bill, every team regardless of record has the ability to bring you down (See New Orleans last week). Adalius Thomas, bye. Matt Light, bye. Maroney....do you think you can just hit the hole with authority already? If you don't I'm pretty sure C.J. Spiller will and he's on the Patriots radar.

Since I can't see the Patriots going very far in the playoffs here is my wishlist Santa!

1 C.J. Spiller...the all purpose machine will lead the NFL in total yards for years to come. He's currently ranked at the end of round 1.

2. A chiropractor for Wes Welker. He'll need one if this keeps up!

3. Charlie Weis and/Romeo Crennel. I'm sorry but the game plans worked with these two. The offensive is clearly lacking umph and ingenuity without an establised offensive coordinator. Are you telling me the Pats and Weis wouldn't score more with Weis? The pats scored 44 aginst Indy with Weis calling the game and a newbie in Brady making the throws. Some people can just make even a great player even better and Weis is just that for Brady. (file under: so effective it's scary)

4. A real live tight-end! We need to stop gawking over the fact that Ben Watson chased down Champ Bailey and find someone that can work the middle of the field.

5. Linebackers, Linebackers, Linebackers. Other than Jerod Mayo there's nobdoy else teams to fear. In past drafts we've watched Brian Cushing, Demeco Ryans and Pat Willis come out and make their statements in the NFL. Each of these men could have suited up in Foxboro.